Free Speech Banned at Minnesota Film Festival



When Lisa Jackson was in charge of the EPA she found that fracking – as long as it is monitored – presents no danger to the American public and is in fact beneficial. When Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York, received his study of fracking in New York, the results came back in support of fracking. Cuomo hid the report from New Yorkers.

Colleges throughout the nation are teaching that fracking is dangerous and the movie studios only produce anti-fracking movies. That is why one documentary film maker, Phelim Mcaleer, decided to do a film on the fracking industry.

His resulting documentary was accepted to the Minnesota film festival until the environmental extremists had it banned along with his free speech.

His film, FrackNation, was supposed to be shown alongside an anti-fracking film, Gaslight. That is what used to be done in the United States. Now we simply ban free speech of opposing opinions.

Listen to the director on this clip:


Josh Fox

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