Free Speech Limitation in Somerville, Massachusetts


The Mayor of Somerville, Massachusetts, Joe Curtatone, announced a new policy. The word “illegal” is no longer to be used when referring to illegal aliens. They are to be called undocumented.

He did it out of kindness. No one is questioning his motives. However, what he is doing is paving the road to hell. He is limiting free speech.

The fact is that the people are illegal and they are here illegally, but more importantly, this rule is equivalent to burning books. He’s burning words because some people who are here illegally feel hurt by being called illegals.

Mayor Curtatone said he welcomed all immigrants, illegals included.

Somerville has a population of 76,519 people. They have an estimated illegal immigrant population of 190,000 as of 2010.

This is lawlessness. We have open borders. It’s not safe situation to begin with and now the illegals are telling us what we must call them.

via CNS News

…Mayor and Alderman Joe Curtatone announced the new policy at a local board meeting last week, according to the Somerville Journal.

The decision was made after a “team of youths” urged the city to stop using the “hurtful” term. “I hadn’t given it a thought until they brought to my attention how hurtful that term is,” Board President Tom Taylor said. “Some of their testimony is pretty heart wrenching.”…Read on…


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