Freedom or Free Stuff?




by Rosalie Hanson

When you think of America you think about freedom, where every man’s home is his castle.

Generations of Americans were raised with the belief that freedom was worth dying for and many have sacrificed their lives so that others could live free.

American soldiers stormed Normandy beach knowing that they would more than likely be killed in their attempt to defeat the Nazis.  They did it anyway and they fought and died for the most priceless thing in the world – freedom.

But they didn’t fight for their own freedom, no, they fought so that others could be freed from their own oppressive government.  Our American soldiers fought for those who weren’t even Americans but fought for them anyway because they understand the definition of “freedom” and know the cost of what it takes to be free.

Today, instead of celebrating the essence of freedom, people are cheering for “Free Stuff”.

“Spreading the Wealth” seems to be the new philosophy ringing across America these days in place of the Liberty Bell.   Those of use who cling to what it means to be a REAL American and embrace freedom are slowly being outnumbered by those who only want “Free Stuff”.

What’s the difference between Freedom and Free Stuff?

Everyone in America is entitled to “free” public education.  It’s free because the taxpayers pay for it out of their property taxes.  If you don’t own a home, then I guess it really is “free” to those who only rent.  Just don’t complain when your rent goes up because the landlords’s taxes increased to pay for the cost to run a school.   You see someone has to pay for “free” education.

The “Affordable Healthcare Act” entitles everyone to Socialized medicine.

In the bill, one of the benefits is that women are entitled to “free” birth control and “free” abortions.  Really?   I guess the pill manufacturers are receiving these free birth control pills from Santa Claus because how else is something “for free”?  Someone has to pay the cost to manufacture this item and I guess the doctors are working for “free” to perform these “free abortions” out of the “goodness of their heart”?

No, they’re not, the people paying for the health insurance will absorb, and all the more “freebies” that are given away, the higher the cost will be for the rest of us.  I don’t think it is fair that men should have to pay for women’s birth control pills because no one is giving men free condoms!!   Why is it good for the goose and not for the gander?

Logically thinking, if birth control pills are free, then there should not be any unwanted pregnancies and no need for “free” abortions, but I guess since everything is “free”, we might as well include that in the package deal, as well.

Who decides what is ”free” and why?

Under our current administration, Food Stamp recipients have risen drastically and now, over 47 million people are on the SNAP program, and are receiving “free” food.  Just ignore the fact that “free” food comes with price tag to the taxpayers of $760 billion dollars over the next 10 years.

A friend of mine, a single mom with three children, has recently received her “FREE Obama Phone”.  It cost her “nothing” and it comes with 250 “free minutes”.  I guess Ma-Bell is one generous lady.

It seems to me that the next generation of Americans wants the government to care for them from Cradle to Grave.   Just remember that Bigger Government enslaves us all.  The more that you are beholden to the government to take care of you, the less freedom you have to care for yourself.    The government will gladly take care of but at what level of care and what cost to the taxpayers?   I guess those receiving everything for “free” probably don’t think about that question because they are too busy running to their mailbox looking for their next “free handout”.

I know for a fact, that the men and women who shed their blood across this world fighting to defeat tyranny did it for Freedom and not for a Free Cell Phone.   These are definitely trying times for people who believe in Freedom to watch it slowly being eroded by people too lazy to fight for it.

If Hitler were alive today, he would be rolling on the floor laughing at the stupid Americans giving away their freedom for a “free ride”.

Just remember that the cost of Freedom is priceless, but the cost of “free stuff” will be in the form of higher taxes and less freedom.

Since I am one of the 53% paying for your “free stuff”, I think that I have the right to tell you to get off your lazy butt and take care of yourself because I’m tired of footing the bill for “freeloaders” who don’t understand value of freedom.



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