French Mayor Wants More Migrants, Warns EU Will Collapse


A key Brexit bill became law and now the UK can leave the suffocating EU. House of Commons Speaker John Bercow announced Tuesday that the European Union Withdrawal Bill had received royal assent and passed into law.

It translates thousands of pieces of EU law into British statute.

One of the issues that drove the U.K. out was the migrant crisis which was handled poorly by Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Paris today

The Paris mayor is on board with the Chancellor, she hasn’t learned a thing from the Third World conditions of Paris these days. She warned that the EU will ‘implode’ if Brussels fails to face up to the migrant crisis.

The European Union will collapse if it continues, she said, adding that France was not pulling its weight for refugees.

The far-left Anne Hidalgo condemned the French government’s refusal to take in a migrant ship with about 630 migrants stranded on board. Italy wouldn’t let them dock. They’ve had enough.

She told Le Journal du Dimanche: “France has failed to rise to the migration challenge. As for the European Union, if it continues to do nothing [to solve the crisis], it will implode.”

The mayor also slammed French President Emmanuel Macron’s tough new immigration and asylum policy, saying she found the government’s hardline stance towards immigrants “hard to fathom”.

She said: “The president describes himself as very pro-European, and yet on the refugee issue, France has failed to live up to expectations.”

She thinks open borders are more humane.

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5 years ago

People like her are agents of the globalists. She cannot really think migration helps Paris. She has a personal motive to advocate migration.