Macrongate! French Media Banned from Showing Macron’s Leaked Tax Evasion Documents


Just under 15 gigs of French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron campaign emails were hacked and leaked online. They contain very damaging information up until April 24, 2017. Macron now says they contain fakes but that could be a lie. Wikileaks says that so far there is no evidence of fakes.

There is a complete media blackout. French media are told not to report the leaks – though they appear authentic – for democracy’s sake!

They have been saved to Pastebin. The emails show scandalous details about the tax evasion case against him. An investigator for Got News goes through them step by step on the link. Macron appears to have offshore accounts to avoid paying taxes.

One email suggests Merkel send refugees to vote for him in the election. He also has classified emails between Sarkozy and Saudi Prince Nayef Ben Abdel Aziz, why? There were emails between him and Ziad Takieddine, a Lebanese Arms Dealer with ties to ISIS.

There are accusations of illegal drugs, political collusion and typical cronyism.

Macron is facing off against Marine LePen for a second round of voting on Sunday.

Mr Macron’s team has already been the victim of hacking attacks, for which it has blamed groups based in Russia and Ukraine. It’s always Russia, and if not Russia, it’s Ukraine.

The French media has been warned not to publish the hacked data. In their world, it might be illegal. They have a rather strange law which forbids the media from covering the election after midnight on Friday and discussion of the race anywhere is discouraged while people are voting. The French media is 100% behind Macron.

WikiLeaks is reviewing the leaked information.

Wikileaks suggests the leak was deliberately too late to influence the election. Macron is 13 points ahead.

France is on the verge of giving itself a leader who will build a road from Africa to Europe.

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