French Riot! America Grandly Lowered Carbon Emissions Without Taxes


America has reduced its carbon emissions more than any of the remaining signatories of the Paris climate accords. And unlike France, we’ve done it without measures that prompt enraged citizens to riot, The Washington Examiner reported.

There are unintended consequences to the fake biodiesel alternatives, and this week we were subjected to non-factual scaremongering with a 1700-page federal climate change report that did not base the conclusions on facts they presented right in their report.

The unpopular French President Macron wants to raise tases on fuel that is already over $7 a gallon. It’s a direct hit on the middle class and everyone is protesting, literally everyone.

It’s the third weekend of violent clashes over fuel tax increases France. Last weekend, they had 1600 protests-riots.

Too bad, the left won’t pay any attention.

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