Friend Who Was in the Car with the Dayton Killer & His Sister Is Alive


The Dayton killer Connor Betts tried to kill his best friend who was with the killer’s sister when he started shooting. Charles ‘Chace’ Beard 24 was Connor Betts’ best friend. He was critically wounded outside the Ned Peppers bar where Betts killed nine people, including his sister, The Daily Mail reports.

From what the friends are saying, he was no white supremacist, he was mentally ill.

Chace Beard is on the left, Connor Betts on the right.

Beard was on the ‘kill list’ put together by Betts in high school and still became or remained friends. Obviously, Beard didn’t take him seriously.

The three drove together to the Oregon District for a night out. Beard and Megan were believed to be standing outside Ned Peppers when Betts started firing. They were among the first victims. Beard has been speaking to police.

Megan Betts

Beard was not in a relationship with Megan as previously reported. He has a girlfriend.

Connor Betts ex-girlfriend said he was mentally ill but not getting help. A former male friend said Betts held a gun to his head five months ago.

One young woman, Lyndsi Doll, dated Betts seven years ago and said he struggled with hallucinations, told her he was psychotic and feared he was schizophrenic. She had been warned that he was aggressive in relationships — pushing one ex-girlfriend into a roaring river and screaming at another while pinning her against a wall, she shared. He cried and told her he was afraid he would hurt someone one day.

Doll said he had a good relationship with his sister. It may never be known if he intended to kill her and his best friend.

If he was psychotic, he probably was in and out of reality.

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