From Traitor to Democrat Hero, Chelsea Manning Runs for the Senate


Screenshot of Manning posing for Vogue which glorified her. CNN superimposed Chelsea’s tweet saying, “guess this is what freedom looks like.”

Chelsea Manning, traitor to the right, hero to the left, runs for the Senate in Maryland. She is not being described as the traitor she is. She is instead a sympathetic leaker, whistleblower and transgender. In actuality, Manning was convicted of espionage.


The former Bradley Manning, now known as Chelsea Manning, is a traitor. David French summarized Manning’s egregious violations in a National Review article:

It’s worth remembering what he did. He disclosed, in a gigantic document dump, more than a million pages of classified information, including information about American military operations, American diplomacy, and American allies. The Obama administration was forced to rush to safety foreign friends whom Manning had outed as helping Americans. He broke faith with every relevant provision of the Army’s warrior ethos — he abandoned his mission, he actively aided the enemy, and he acted with stunning disregard for the lives of his comrades. He did so because, acting on his own authority, he decided he wanted to stimulate “worldwide discussion, debate, and reforms.”

When Manning’s commuted sentence was first announced on January 17, 2017, the media praised her release. NBC’s Scott Kelley declared that “The Obama presidency is ending on a note of forgiveness.”

At the same time, they chastised Trump just two days prior for talking to Russia about an ISIS threat. During the opening tease of Monday’s CBS Evening News, Pelley speculated saying: “Loose lips at the White House? Did the President reveal highly classified information to the Russians in the Oval Office?” As it turned out, he did not leak.


She has been redefined and dressed up by the left-wing media. While she wasn’t convicted of treason, she was convicted of espionage.

The BBC labels her an “Ex-army leaker” and emphasized Barack Obama’s commutation of her sentence. Business Insider calls her a “whistleblower” and a “leaker” — they even wrote “Manning’s sentence for whistleblowing was the longest in US history” and they described her as a gallant fighter for transgender rights. BuzzFeed reported the “leaker” is running as a Democrat. BuzzFeed admitted this at the end of the article: In September 2017, Canada barred her from entering the country because immigration officials viewed her offense as akin to “treason.”

The rest of the media is doing the same. MSN – she’s a transgender whistleblower; Time – a leaker; The Washington Post – she “passed documents” and “leaked”; the NY Times – she “leaked”, “disclosed”, “disseminated”; NY Daily News – she “disclosed classified documents”; the LA Times – convicted of “sharing thousands of military documents with Wikileaks.”

She just “shared”.

The NY Times gave her a complete pass. After mentioning the commutation by Obama, staff writer Emily Cochrane wrote: “While Ms. Manning, who declined to comment about her election filing, has been hailed as a hero by opponents of government secrecy, others, including President Trump, have called her a traitor to the United States. Since her release, Ms. Manning, 30, has written about free speech, civil liberties, queer and transgender rights and computer security for publications like The Guardian.”

Manning declared in Federal Election Commission filings, dated Jan. 5, her statement of candidacy to run as a Democrat in the 2018 election. However, she’s no Democrat, although no one will admit it. She is hard-left politically.


The left, including the media, have been apologists for Manning and they have redefined her past violations.

She went from being aptly called a traitor to a “leaker” or a “whistleblower”. Some describe her as a transgender hero.

Excuses over her so-called “turbulent” life and her cries of being bullied permeated her trial and continue to infuse the sympathetic left-wing media. None of that is relevant to the fact that she knowingly betrayed her country. Her actions led to the disastrous Arab Spring according to some reports and greatly harmed U.S. foreign relations.

She was recently honored with a Harvard Fellowship, later rescinded after a lot of blowback, though she will still is at Harvard telling students about how she did the “ethical” thing by violating the law. The New Yorker condemned Harvard for taking back the award.

Maning, a traitor, gets to decide federal law governing spies according to the media.

ABC News helped her explain – uncontested – why she had to leak. USA Today talked about Chelsea Manning’s ‘incredible journey from leaker to transgender.’ The AP excused her with their piece, ‘Chelsea Manning says she’s not a traitor.’

The Tylt went further suggesting she’s merely a whistleblower. They asked, ‘Is Chelsea Manning a whistleblower or a traitor?’

Manning herself claims she is not an “American traitor” as her critics have claimed, and that she did what she thought was right, the AP reported.

It’s apparently okay to betray one’s sacred oaths and betray the country, if you feel it’s right.

About the United States, Manning has said, “I’m walking out of prison and I see, literally, a dystopian novel unfolding before my eyes,” she said. “That’s how I feel when I walk in the American streets today.”

She is painting herself as a hero who did the “ethical” thing.

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