Fruit of Obama’s Strategy: Mass Graves, Atrocities, No Weapons for the Kurds


We’re sort of fighting a war against ISIS. We are allied with the Peshmerga but won’t give them the trucks and weapons they need to fight the savages who are killing, maiming, kidnapping, raping.


One villager, Naif Ibrahim Hoda (photo above), from the once peaceful farmland in Northern Iraq showed CBS newsmen the grave of 50 Yazidi men who were shot by ISIS one-by-one simply for being Yazidi.

He said that he left in the morning and headed for Mount Sinjar  where many starved but it was the better alternative. By afternoon, ISIS blocked the road and the remaining villagers were tortured, kidnapped and executed.

He knew the men in the graves. They were innocents.

mass grave of 50 Yazidi men

Thousands of Yazidi women and children have been kidnapped and used as sex slaves by ISIS.

The Kurdish Peshmerga aren’t asking for U.S. troops. They have been begging for armored vehicles and heavy artillery.

Obama promises he will but doesn’t deliver.

“We have lost more than 1,000 Peshmergas, and somewhere around 5,000 have been wounded,” said Kurdish National Security Advisor Masrour Barzani.

Barzani told CBS news that 70 percent of those deaths were caused by car and roadside bombs – and many of them could have been prevented if his men had armored vehicles. They’ve asked Washington for several hundred and have been given just 25.

He said they receive praise and thank yous but what they need is equipment.

“What do you say to the families of those men who have died?”

“These are our heroes, and we need to protect these heroes, and I think they’re the heroes of the free world, and it’s the responsibility of the international community to protect them.”

The peshmerga are very frustrated with the U.S., their supposed allies.

Why won’t Obama send the equipment? It makes absolutely no sense. These people are courageous fighters and their efforts help us.

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