Full-Blown Cover Up? AG Sessions Won’t Probe Imran Awan Spy Case


Imran Awan with Bill Clinton

The Imran Awan scandal was unraveled by Luke Rosiak at The Daily Caller. The Pakistani IT tech and his family, who worked for House Democrats, stole confidential data off the computers and transferred it to an outside computer. He destroyed hard drives and tried to flee the county.

The FBI appears to be refusing to look at the evidence of possible spying. They are settling for bank fraud charges instead. The charges are completely unrelated to the hacking and possible spying.


Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) alleged on the House floor on Tuesday that the FBI has actually instructed witnesses to not bring documentary evidence to them about the Awan brothers’ case so they can say there’s no evidence for them to investigate.

President Trump has weighed in and tweeted that the DoJ must not let Awan and Debbie Wasserman Schultz off the hook. He said, “They want to make a “plea deal” to hide what is on their Server. Where is Server? Really bad!”

A House employee told The Daily Caller’s Luke Rosiak that former DNC head Debbie Wasserman Schultz became “frantic, not normal,” “making the rounds” to House officials in an effort to kill the investigation.

It looks like Attorney General Jeff Sessions is helping her and other Democrats out by covering up the case.


A second hack at the DNC took place two weeks after President Trump’s inauguration and the Awans were suspects.

“There was a second hack that occurred the same week that the DNC was breached, the same week that WikiLeaks started putting up those DNC emails,” Rosiak said in an appearance on Lou Dobbs’ Fox Business Network show Tuesday. “The House of Representatives inspector general briefed that there was this ongoing hack by Pakistanis who the Democrats have hired as IT guys.”

The IT guys are the Awan family and they are being protected for political reasons. Our DoJ is still politicized.

“Obviously, they would have been arrested (off) the bat, obviously,” Rosiak said. “But think back, that Russia narrative they just decided to start pitching that very week. You know how tenuous it is, how backed by nothing it is.

“You throw into the mix arrests of Pakistanis hired by Democrats and unvetted for a similar hack at the identical time, the narrative about Russia would have been impossible to secure. And that’s all they care about is the narrative.”


The DoJ appears to be ready to make a plea deal with Awan and his wife. That way, no one will ever know what happened.

“What it is, is that the handling of this case disproves the entire Russia narrative,” Rosiak responded. “They don’t care about hacking, they don’t care about foreign meddling. What they did in this case is knowingly allow the United States government to be hacked by Pakistanis for six months until right after the election so that they could peddle a phony narrative.”

Rosiak was even willing to go far enough to say that “what the Democrats did here is treason. They allowed the United States to continuously be hacked by the bad guys so that they could spin this Russia narrative.”

Who knows if it rises to the level of treason but we will never know if the plea deal comes to pass.

Wasserman and her comrades ahve said anyone persecuting Awan is an “Islamophobe”.

Despite the fact that the Awans were suspected of hacking and despite the fact that physical evidence kept disappearing, nothing is being done about it.


“The DOJ, under Jeff Sessions, is covering up a scandal that exposes the entire Russia narrative as a hoax,” he told Dobbs. “It is within Jeff Sessions’ power to demolish this Russia narrative once and for all, charge the Pakistanis with hacking Congress, and expose the Democrats’ hypocrisy and negligence… This case is open and shut, and Jeff Sessions is refusing to bring the charges.”

This is not a bank fraud case. There is evidence that Awan was tied to terrorists and are the DNC hackers. He might also have blackmailed the Democrats.

We need to know.

Former House IT aide Imran Awan remains in a “High Intensity Supervision Program” as he awaits trial on charges of bank fraud. Official Washington, with the exception of President Donald Trump, seems oblivious to the man’s existence.

The DNC continues to refuse the FBI access to servers related to Awan and the House IT scandal. Thus far, the DNC has only provided a report by private firm CrowdStrike to investigators.

The media refuses to cover it. The word has come down to cover it up.

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