Fusion Tied to Fake Russia-Trump Collusion Story Promoted by Hillary October 31


Fusion GPS is tied to the false story used by Hillary Clinton and her campaign a week before the election to damage Donald Trump.

That story written by Franklin Foer and posted October 31, 2016 was published by the hard-left magazine Slate. Foer said there was a secret server in Trump Tower that was connected to Russia.

Hillary played dumb and tweeted as one who was just informed about this shocking – if it were true but it wasn’t – revelation.

The story was proven false but the damage was done and it was exploited for some time. However, it didn’t have the expected effect that an October surprise usually has.

There is a new report that ties Fusion GPS, Hillary’s campaign firm, to this fake story that launched the Russia collusion fable.

That fake Foer story, which failed to pass follow-up media scrutiny, originated with Fusion GPS, The Washington Times reported on Sunday.

A follow-up investigation from The Intercept revealed.“Fusion pushed the story that a special email server existed between Trump Tower and Moscow’s Alfa bank,” as part of the group’s efforts to plant anti-Trump stories in the media, the Times reported.

Fusion GPS was also behind the anti-Trump dossier.

Fusion co-founder Glenn Simpson and Foer were both featured speakers at an elite Washington, D.C. journalism conference three weeks before the story went up.

This is Banana Republic stuff.

Foer is now an editor at The Atlantic and didn’t comment when the Daily Caller asked for comment.

The story was so obviously fake, at least five outlets wouldn’t run the story, according to The Intercept.

Put this together with the dossier and consider how legitimate any of it is. The fake Russia story is falling apart, even with pencil neck Adam Schiff going out daily claiming they have proof of collusion while never presenting evidence. No one ever questions him. That’s why the Democrats are going back to the sexual harassment attacks.

The same day that Foer’s story went up on Slate, Mother Jones reporter David Corn wrote an article citing the dossier and directly quoting Steele, although neither he nor Fusion was named in the story.

Fusion is a smear merchant operation for Democrats and occasionally Republicans. They also do work for George Soros funded groups of the far-left.


  1. I just heard that Hillary hung herself, True? Hard to believe since she has no conscience and there are so many people who do not want her to disclose evidence that they are trying to overthrow our government

  2. This is not Banana Republic MO. This is all too typical Democrat Party smear machine MO. The Trump ‘dossier’ story is nothing more than cooked up lies sprinkled with just enough insignificant truth to make the whole thing seem believable. Hillary and everyone connected with it (including the dishonest FBI) should be indicted and prosecuted….with heavy fines and lengthy jail terms to follow any convictions.

    Hillary is the epitome of CROOKED!

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