FusionGPS Finally Turns Over Documents to Senate Committee – News Clippings


A Senate Judiciary Committee chaired by Senator Grassley has been requesting documents from parties tied to their Russia election probe. They have received cooperation from everyone but Fusion GPS, the Democrat and George Soros linked smear machine. Late yesterday, Fusion turned over thousands of pages of documents but, so far, it includes publicly available information such as news clippings.

There has been full cooperation from the accused in this plot but not from the accusers. This appeared on Jake Tapper’s Twitter feed yesterday morning.

Since then, Fusion GPS is said to have turned over thousands of pages of documents to the Senate Judiciary Committee last Wednesday.

The only problem, according to the Daily Caller, is: “The committee is reviewing the production received late this afternoon from Mr. Simpson, but virtually all of the documents appear to be merely news clippings rather than records of Fusion’s substantive communications,” George Hartmann, a spokesman for the Senate Judiciary Committee, told TheDC.

It’s a standoff between Fusion and Senator Grassley, the chair of the committee. Last month, the founder and CEO of Fusion Glenn Simpson, declined an invitation to testify. A subpoena was issued and then withdrawn when Simpson, a former Wall Street Journal reporter, agreed to meet in private session with the committee.

They want to interview Simpson about the anti-Trump Russia dossier. They also want to speak with the former British MI-5 who put it together, primarily with gossip from spies at the Kremlin.

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6 years ago

Grassley seems determined to only investigate in ways that hurt Trump.