Future CIA Director, John Brennan, Thinks Jihad Is Our Way


Obama, Brennan, and Jihad

‘Allah is our objective; the Prophet is our leader; the Quran is our law; Jihad is our way; dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.’ ~ Motto of the Muslim Brotherhood

He has said that Jihad is a “legitimate tenet of Islam,” has referred to Jerusalem as “Al Quds” – its Arabic variation, called upon people to stop “bashing Iran,” and he – John Brennan – will soon be the head of our CIA as we face growing jihadist threats worldwide.

These kinds of statements by Brennan make him appear blind to the threats of Shariah Law.

He has also shown himself to be no friend to Israel.

There are those on the left who don’t like him and believe he is guilty of war crimes. There are those on the  right who dislike him because they see him as clueless to the threats posed by radical Islam.

Brennan supported waterboarding and the transfer of prisoners to countries where captives could be tortured during the Bush administration.

In an about-face in August 2009, Brennan criticized some Bush-administration anti-terror policies, saying that waterboarding had threatened national security by increasing the recruitment of terrorists and decreasing the willingness of other nations to cooperate with the U.S. He successfully absolved himself.

Brennan described the Obama administration’s focus as being on “extremists” and not “jihadists.” He said that using the second term, which means one who is struggling for a holy goal, gives “these murderers the religious legitimacy they desperately seek” and suggests the US is at war with the religion of Islam.

It is hard for people to know the truth when the language is constantly being morphed. Perhaps jihadists have perverted the meaning of jihad, but the fact is that they have, though Brennan refuses to recognize that.

Raised Catholic, he received a BA from Fordham in 1977 and then went on to join the CIA. He worked for 25 years with the CIA including working as a Near East and South Asia analyst, as station chief in Saudi Arabia, and as director of the National Counterterrorism Center. He speaks Arabic fluently.

He is the architect of the Drone Program.

Brennan’s nomination signals the end of most conventional warfare under this administration. Drone warfare is in. I’m just glad they’re not waterboarding any longer since it is torture and it is so much better to drop drones on people.

When Brennan was Homeland Security Advisor, there were calls for his firing or resignation over his handling of counterterrorism. One case concerned Sheik Kifah Mustapha.

An unindicted co-conspirator in the terrorism financing case against the Holy Land Foundation, Sheik Kifah Mustapha was allowed to participate in a six-week government “Citizens’ Academy” hosted by the FBI. Its goal – Muslim outreach.

Even though Mustapha is tied to a terrorist organization, he was escorted into the top secret National Counterterrorism Center, the FBI National Academy at Quantico, and other secure buildings.

Mustapha was appointed to a post as a State Police chaplain in Illinois, a post that was eventually revoked.

This was all under Brennan’s leadership. He appears to be blind to the dangers posed by terrorist organizations.

I am sure that there is beauty in Islam but that is not our concern. Our concern should be radical Islam.

Associate Professor of Strategic Studies at Johns Hopkins, Mary Habeck, described jihad differently at a program seminar in the spring of 2006.

“Jihadism is an extreme version of Islamism. Less than one percent of Islamists are jihadists. The jihadist ideology holds that they are the only true believers. The rest of world is made up of hostile unbelievers whose sole purpose is the destruction of Islam. These people are thus worthy of attack.”


The jihadists agree with fact that Islam requires political power and should run the state, but they believe that the faithful cannot wait for ideological change, but must use violence to create the Caliphate, which will maintain the struggle against unbelievers.

Check out last year’s interview with jihadist Nawabzadaa Nabiullah Khan here. His group’s motto is “constant jihad.” He believes that his group must subjugate not only the Muslim nation-states of central and south Asia, but also non-Muslim nations such as India, Sri Lanka, and Burma under a Khilafah which implements Islamic Shari’ah entirely and forces kuffar to “revert” to Islam on pain of either physical or spiritual/psychological death.

Despite Brennan’s declaration that jihad is a positive movement, most believe that jihadists subvert the tenets of Islam and that they are violent.

What had been a limited war on terror is now a global war on terror with an oblivious Brennan in charge of our CIA.

Radical jihadists now make up about 15% to 20% of Muslims whereas they were only about 2-4% in the past.

Radical Islam – jihadism – is on the rise and becoming more acceptable to Muslims. Under Brennan, it will become more acceptable to us too apparently.


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