Felons, Cartels, Sharia Law Promoters – Future Democratic Voters Flooding Into the U.S.


One in seven people in this country is an immigrant – legal or illegal. They are coming in so quickly that there is no way for them to assimilate. Many believe that is the way Democrats want it.

Mark Levin describes it this way: It is “the complete evisceration of American citizenship to destroy the identity of America. I’m not talking about the racial identity, but the identity, hearts, soul, history of America, culture of America. It’s being done by left-wing states. It’s being done by left-wing municipalities. It’s being done by this left-wing federal government. And this is a war on you – the American citizen.”

Newsday ran a piece today about the tragic and often fatal heroine problem in New York. Mexico’s Sinoloa cartel is bringing in record amounts of drugs to Long Island and New York City.

Sinaloa is the largest cartel and it won its profitable trade her in New York after drug wars with other Mexican cartels, according to Newsday. They take in about ten million dollars a year from New York City and Long Island alone.

New York City special prosecutor Bridget Brennan said, “Heroin is just pouring into the city in a volume that we have never seen before.” The dealers buy cheap in New York City and sell high on Long Island. They just seized $50 million worth of heroin but there is so much heroin coming in on a daily basis, that this is considered a short-lived problem for the cartel.

Remarkably, Newsday has not tied the problem to the flood of illegals, some of whom come here with the cartels and often for the cartels.

The Mexican cartels run Chicago. We are literally importing the drug violence into our country.

That’s not to reflect on the many Mexican immigrants who are wonderful contributors to our society. This is only about drug cartels and the concept of open borders.

It’s not only drug dealers, it’s the fact that people are not being encouraged to assimilate. Our values have been warped by the liberals and the far-left. We no longer demand assimilation. We are now told we have to accommodate foreign cultures.

Somalis in Minnesota were interviewed for this next video made by the film crew at The David Horowitz Freedom Center. They seem like nice people but no way are they going to assimilate. They want to live under Sharia Law. They’re not assimilating in Europe either and many of our homegrown terrorists come from this community.

The Center for Immigration Studies reported that the Atlanta Journal-Constitution published an investigative report on violent criminals released by ICE. It’s titled “Convicted, but free to roam: Giving little notice, federal authorities have released thousands of detained undeportable immigrants — sometimes with grave results”.

According to documents provided to the House Judiciary Committee for a hearing last month, ICE released 30,558 convicted criminal aliens in FY 2014. These individuals had been convicted of 79,059 crimes, including 175 homicides, 373 sexual assaults, 186 kidnappings, and 14,014 impaired driving offenses (see the listing of conviction categories here).

As of the end of March, ICE had released another 10,246 criminal aliens. This pace of criminal releases is down from 2013 and 2014 — but only because ICE is arresting far fewer people to start with, not because there are fewer to arrest. I

That’s only the criminals. There are all the others.

Refugee Resettlement Watch reported that the U.S. adds one international migrant every 32 seconds. Since no one is deported any longer, we can expect them to stay. Everyone stays and most stay at the expense of the working citizens.

Last year 1.6 million illegal immigrants were apprehended in the United States. It’s down about 28% but that is partly because ICE isn’t apprehending them. No one is deported under Barack Obama. We have an open borders policy.

This year will have the second biggest surge for unaccompanied minors.

It’s changing America in a dangerous way.

Secure Border Intel reports that the overall level of human and drug smuggling radio traffic has resumed to levels that we were seeing in the spring of 2014, the the number of unaccompanied minors from Central America appears to be lower.

Nearly all of the illegal alien group apprehensions that they monitor are attempting to avoid detection. There aren’t any groups voluntarily turning themselves in as they were last year. Very large groups (of 30 illegal aliens) are captured on a daily basis.

The audio clips below are from listening posts covering an area of about 18,000 sq. miles.

Routes much closer to the coastline are being exploited this year.

In the audios below, you will hear Border Patrol ground agents on the ‘Got-Aways’. The voices on the ‘Bail Outs’ clip are Border Patrol pilots, dispatchers and agents. The audio clip ’46 Traffic’ deals with drug smugglers, drug scouts (monkeys in the trees) and shots fired.

Nothing changes from week to week or year to year. We are losing this battle at the border and in D.C. and we are losing it to nefarious drug cartels.

We are inviting a drug culture into the United States. Unfortunately, we have a debased culture only to ready to buy these drugs.

Here go the drug smugglers. The video is courtesy of secure border intel.

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