Future Dems Head for Laredo Where There’s No Wall


photo via James Woods

There are at least three enormous caravans heading for the United States. The first one included more than 12,000 people, but it has broken up into groups, all planning to enter the U.S. illegally. Fox News’s Griff Jenkins was with the first caravan which is heading for Texas.

As an aside, the caravans are nothing. Thousands are coming in daily without any caravans.

We have no idea who these people are.

Some are headed for Nuevo Laredo.

The Fox reporter made a bit of an error. Former ICE Director Tom Homan corrected that right after on Fox, in the clip below. Jenkins did not know the real reason the illegals are traveling to Texas. The reason is partly that they don’t want to be held up in Tijuana, but the other reason is there is no wall in the Nuevo Laredo location.

Additionally, Los Zetas has set up a crime syndicate that goes directly into Laredo, Texas.

The cartel is headquartered in Nuevo-Laredo-Laredo metropolitan border area, Tamaulipas, right on the border across from Laredo, Texas.

An actual terrorist named Hector Raul Luna, aka El Tory, is running the trafficking organization. He is doing it because there is no wall in that location, as Homan said.


Anthony is a citizen reporter in El Paso. He is a Republican and a Trump supporter who lives in El Paso, but he is frustrated that Trump says the illegals aren’t getting into the country. They are getting in, tens of thousands of them.

Anthony says Texas only won the senatorial race by 200,000 people. With all these thousands pouring in, he asks, what do you think is going to happen next election?

He said they have a lot of Africans down there in Texas and many from the Middle East, Russia, Venezuela, elsewhere. When you listen to him, he will frighten you.

Even if he’s partly right, God help us. Our culture will be destroyed.

Democrats are ruining our country to gain a permanent electoral majority.

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