‘Future of Dem Party’ Ocasio-Cortez Says No Prisons, No Borders, No Capitalism Too


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Democratic Socialist aka Communist, won her election in NY14 because her opponent didn’t campaign; the turnout was extremely low; and most of the people in her district are minorities, primarily Hispanic. Nonetheless, she has taken her win as a mandate for Democratic Socialism everywhere.

She said the party needs young blood and her hard-left views are the future.

Ocasio-Cortez believes in open borders; the end or poverty [those who produce in society will pay for those who don’t]; almost everything is a right including housing, education from birth through college, healthcare and so on. She wants to close the prisons, starting with Rikers and put the criminals in transition and counseling services.

She wants justice for Puerto Rico. What would that look like? We spend a fortune in the territory as it is and P.R.’s government is fully corrupt.

The young leftist is advocating the complete opposite of what we stand for and what our Constitution represents.

If you don’t give away all your money to the non-productive until they live well, you’re immoral, according to Ocasio-Cortez.

In this clip, she defines prison as a manifestation of Jim Crow and slavery in the United States.

The commie girl thinks unemployment is low because people have two jobs and work long hours.

Sure, that’s how it works O-Cortez.

It’s sad that the “future of the Democratic Party” doesn’t know how unemployment is calculated. The BLS counts people employed, not the number of jobs people have.

She’s also not a fan of Capitalism of course, as a hard left hero.

She wants to occupy everything when people disagree with her views.



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