GAI Report: Hillary Gave Russia Advanced Hacking and Nuclear Capabilities



A new report by the Government Accountability Institute, “From Russia With Money — Hillary Clinton, the Russian Reset and Cronyism,” points to serious ties between the Clintons, Russia, and those who participated in the State Department’s failed Russian reset.

The report begins:

  • A major technology transfer component of the Russian reset overseen by Hillary Clinton substantially enhanced the Russian military’s technological capabilities, according to both the FBI and the U.S. Army.
  • Russian government officials and American corporations participated in the technology transfer project overseen by Hillary Clinton’s State Department that funnelled tens of millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation.
  • A Putin-­‐‑connected Russian government fund transferred $35 million to a small company with Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta on its executive board, which included senior Russian officials.
  • John Podesta failed to reveal, as required by law on his federal financial disclosures, his membership on the board of this offshore company.
  • Podesta also headed up a think tank which wrote favorably about the Russian reset while apparently receiving millions from Kremlin-­‐‑linked Russian oligarchs via an offshore LLC.

John Podesta of course is Hillary’s campaign manager, a committed Socialist and a close ally and working partner of Socialist George Soros.

The Moscow-based IT technology company called Skolkovo, fashioned after Silicon Valley, poured tens of millions of dollars into the Clinton Foundation, the report alleges. This was supposed to be the earliest of foreign policy initiatives to reset our relationship with Russia.

Hillary Clinton was the point person.

Beginning in 2009, State Department officials under Clinton “played a substantial role in assisting Russian government entities in accessing U.S. capital and in seeking investments in U.S. high technology companies”.

Clinton was intimately involved and almost exclusively in charge.

The idea was to “encourage U.S. companies to invest in Russia to tap the country’s strengths in basic scientific talent while creating opportunities for Russian investment in U.S. tech companies”

A major part of this technological cooperation included Russian plans to create its own version of Silicon Valley at Skolkovo.

Specifically, they worked to support the efforts of the Russian State Investment Fund, Rusnano, to seek investment opportunities in the United States by arranging meetings with U.S. tech firms. Rusnano is Putin’s child and is completely governed by the State. Podesta sat on the board.

As Bloomberg reported, “Firms that accept Rusnano funds must transfer technologies to Russia, build laboratories there, train local scientist and, in some cases, give Russians patent rights for the products developed.”

Podesta and Clinton were extremely close personally and especially so during these dealings. Podesta also sat on the board of Joule Unlimited but did not disclose it as required by law. The Russian Chairman of Rusnano joined the board of Joule.  Russians invested heavily in Joule.

“The FBI sent a letter to Boston-area companies and MIT in 2014 raising concerns about Russian-backed investment in U.S. high tech start-ups. Joule declined to comment on the letter.” Funds flooded in to Podesta’s Center for American Progress as well (CAP is funded by George Soros).

There were many other lucrative and sleazy ties to Podesta, Clinton and Putin. The American people got nothing.

Ultimately dozens of U.S. tech firms including Cisco, Google, and Intel would make major financial contributions to the project.

“Of the 28 US, European and Russian companies that participated in Skolkovo, 17 of them were Clinton Foundation donors” or sponsored speeches by former President Bill Clinton”.

It has quid pro quo written all over it.

According to the report, “The Clinton Foundation only discloses donations in ranges, so it is impossible to determine the precise amount of money the Skolkovo benefactors gave to the Clinton Foundation, but based on those disclosures, the money ranges from $6.5 to $23.5 million. However, keep in mind that the Clinton Foundation has admitted that it has failed to release the names of all of its contributors, so the amount could be substantially higher.”

Skolkovo ended up sharing advanced US technology that undoubtedly went to Russian military despite the fact that the concern was raised prior to this by the Army and the FBI. As early as 2010, cybersecurity experts also expressed deep concerns about Russia using Skolkovo to develop hacking capabilities.

The FBI and US Army warned Clinton, Joule and others in the administration.

Lucia Ziobro, the assistant special agent at the FBI’s Boston office, said at the time, “The FBI believes the true motives of the Russian partners, who are often funded by their government, is to gain access to classified, sensitive, and emerging technology from the companies.”

Skolkovo’s link to the Russian military-intelligence apparatus is not in dispute”, the report read.

“The U.S. Army Foreign Military Studies Program at Fort Leavenworth issued a report in 2013 (written in 2012) about the security implications of Skolkovo. The report declared that the purpose of Skolkovo was to serve as a “vehicle for worldwide technology transfer to Russia in the areas of information technology, biomedicine, energy, satellite and space technology, and nuclear technology.”

While nuclear technology can be for civilian and military use, there is little question the Russians will use it militarily.

The Army report said further, “Skolkovo is arguably an overt alternative to clandestine industrial espionage—with the additional distinction that it can achieve such a transfer on a much larger scale and more efficiently.”

“The Nuclear Cluster at Skolkovo is committed to enhancing the nuclear capabilities of the Russian state. A major listed beneficiary of this research is Rosatom, the Russian State Nuclear Agency, which manages the country’s nuclear arsenal.”

Hillary Clinton launched the reset and it died in 2011 but the damage had been done.

Russia’s FSB spy agency — the successor to the KGB — reportedly keeps two of its information warfare “security centers” at Skolkovo, the report says.

“I think the idea that you’re going to help develop a Russian version of Silicon Valley, which, by the way, will be controlled by the Russian government, and then not to expect that the technology will be siphoned off for military uses, is incredibly naive,” journalist Peter Schweizer told Breitbart.

“Nine Uranium One shareholders donated more than $145 million to the Clinton Foundation. Some of those donations, including those by Uranium One Chairman Ian Telfer, had not been disclosed by the Clinton Foundation”.

Hillary also helped facilitate the sale of a US uranium mine to Russia, to Uranium One, a mine which is responsible for 20% of US output with the potential of 50%.

This is the woman we are going to trust with the nuclear codes.

The is the woman responsible for the most serious scandal in US history – Chinagate.

Lest We Forget Chinagate, The Most Serious Scandal in US History

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