Game-Changing Endorsement for Ted Cruz


Wisconsin could be a game changer for the campaign. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are running neck-and-neck in the state. Trump had a double-digit lead in February – he was 10 points ahead and 6 points ahead in January. The momentum seemed to be with him until this month.

This endorsement from Governor Walker will have an impact on this already very tight race. It was a rousing endorsement. He’s “all in” for Ted Cruz.”

In an interview with Milwaukee’s WTMJ Radio, Mr. Walker praised Mr. Cruz’s tax plan and foreign policy views and called him a principled conservative who has shown a willingness to take on Washington.

He also vouched for Ted Cruz’s character and a fellow heir to the legacy of former President Ronald Reagan who is often misunderstood.

“He is a decent man, he loves his family, he loves his wife, he adores his children, he adores his country,” Mr. Walker said. “He and I are both preachers’ kids.”

Governor Walker would not criticize Donald Trump and he said he has no desire to block the leading Republican candidate. He said Cruz is not afraid to take on special interests and he’s the one we need in the White House.

The governor’s influence with unions is negative in Wisconsin but it’s a plus for Republicans.

Governor Walker plans to travel with Senator Cruz as he campaigns across the state this week and assist him in any way possible.

The endorsement:

Fox News reported it and made it sound lukewarm but it actually wasn’t:

Senator Cruz responded on Twitter.

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6 years ago

Good for Mr. Walker I am sure he has been promised a position and it looks like him and Cruz is about the same age. But sorry Mr. Walker what we need is Trump he will be a better fit for the position because he is someone who will see what needs to be done and get it done.

6 years ago
Reply to  Jackie

Jackie, how is Donald going to do what you say he will do when pretty much for his entire life his “actual” record was to support, fund, endorse and promote the Democratic agenda?

Russ Manning
Russ Manning
6 years ago

Hoped you enjoy your endorsement of Mr. Cruz. That’s probably the last one you’ll ever do. Some of you upstanding politicians are as dumb as they come. Then again your both preachers kids. You gotta be use to the lying and cheating since you were young. See ya glad I never had the pleasure of either one of ya.