Gasbag Al Sharpton Declares TV Trash Talk Is a Civil Right


You have to hand it to Al Sharpton. He was turned a criminal past into a financial bonanza. His race baiting and utter stupidity have rewarded him with a successful career where he makes oodles of money, wins the affection of pretty, young women, is idolized by the hard-left Millennials and iGens, and he never has to pay his taxes. He is a TV star and useful idiot for and of the far-left.

On MSNBC, Sharpton claimed that trashing political opponents on a sports channel is a civil right.

Discussing the Jemele Hill situation, the MSNBC panel, which included Al, defended her inappropriate comments about the President on ESPN.

In defense of people calling for Hill to be fired, he said: “The reason why we’re saying it from a civil rights point of view is you’re robbing a person of their right to express their views and firing them based on the encouragement of an office that nominates the FCC that regulates ESPN.”

Uh, no, that’s outrageous and you sound idiotic. It’s not a civil right. People have free speech but others don’t have to listen to them.

If you work for a company, you have to abide by their rules, though admittedly ESPN, which claims to not be political, is a hard-left political hack station. It’s one of the reasons they are dying.

People generally don’t want politics in their sports and entertainment and if they decide not to watch because of Jemele Hill, ESPN should probably try to save themselves and fire her.

ESPN and Al Sharpton tried to get the NFL to hire Colin Kaepernick but in the end, the bullying didn’t work. The free market isn’t in agreement.

Jemele Hill was the main subject because she is the most recent leftist to rile up viewers with her attack on Trump. She is actually a black supremacist and a bigot herself.

Al is a racist. He’s proven it time and again which makes his white supporters useful idiots.

Rev Al seems to say there is a special new…

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