Gasbag Eric Swalwell only wants to confiscate your dangerous guns


What are dangerous guns? They are probably something like dangerous bats, bombs, hammers, scissors, rocks, and knives. Rep. Eric Swalwell only wants to get rid of dangerous guns.

Eric Swalwell began his presidential campaign calling for the confiscation of dangerous guns. He launched his campaign near Parkland, to exploit the murders of a madman last year in Parkland, Florida.

He proposed to spend $15 billion on an Australia-style federal ban and buyback of military-style “assault weapons”.

“I think we can have a country where you can keep your pistols, keep your rifles, keep your shotguns, but we’re able to unite and take the most dangerous weapons out of the hands of the most dangerous people,” he said to applause from fellow far-left people.

Taking guns from legal gun owners will somehow mean criminals will turn over their guns and stop killing people. At least that’s true in Swalwell’s mind. Lunatics like Nicolas Cruz will miraculously not kill anyone.

Swalwell wants the United States to institute a mandatory buyback of an estimated 15 million of the weapons and prosecute Americans who refuse to give up their guns.

“Australia did it,” Swalwell said at the town hall. “New Zealand, a couple of weeks ago.”

No one in their right mind would turn over their guns to the dangerous leftist Eric Swalwell, or to any of these leftists still calling themselves Democrats.



  1. Hey, you Idiot, How are you going to confiscate the THOUSANDS OF AR-15 AUTOMATIC RIFLES THAT YOUR DADDY, OBAMA SENT TO THE DRUG CARTELS. I regret not working at the same U.S. Atorney’s office when you did so I could throw you out the plate glass window,

  2. No one in their right mind being the key phrase. Cloud cuckoo dwellers hellbent on some failed 19th century theory of utopia from a German bum won’t hesitate to call in your guns.
    Some bitter 4F (fat, flatulent, fortyish, female) ex-wife will be happy to report your gun stash.

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