Gates Pushes InBloom’s Massive Data Tracking System for Everyone in America



Bill and Melinda Gates at the mostly socialist World Economic Forum

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gave $100 million to fund a mega database to collect private information on every American school child from early education through high school. He is also funding studies to prove the need for tracking students through college and into their adult life.

His thinking falls in line with The Life of Julia, one of Mr. Obama’s campaign’s socialist selling points.

The Life of Julia imposes the government into the life of every person from birth until death. The “benevolent” government will be in a surrogate parental role under this type of system. Julia’s life is completely governed by the State and noticeably absent are parents, family, friends, and self-sufficiency.

It’s the government and they are here to help.

InBloom, which has already been caught selling student information, would store student’s scores, attendance, needs, disabilities, disciplinary record. If you were suspended in third grade, it would follow you for life. InBloom is working with nine states:  Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York and North Carolina.

InBloom goes hand-in-hand with Common Core and standardized testing and they all mesh together to form a nationalized education program run by the federal government. It is unconstitutional but this approach does an end-run around the constitution. Many on both the left and right of the political spectrum are opposed.

A recently released report funded by the Gates Foundation, “College Blackout: How the Higher Education Lobby Fought to Keep Students in the Dark” details the history of a proposal for a federal student-unit record system. It was suggested by Education Secretary Margaret Spelling in 2005, the same woman who launched the Moscow Doctrine and the basis for Common Core alignment with UN principles.

The study attempts to shape the argument into a case of information blackout when it is actually the relinquishing of the privacy rights of every child in this country before they are even of an age to give consent.

This system would track students into higher education and through college and into the work force.

The benefit would be to provide colleges with information about student outcomes and salary information which they could get by polling businesses. The negative would be a loss of privacy from an early age that could be misused by the government much as we see the IRS misusing information on private citizens.

Gates wants all the information pooled in one place with the federal government in charge. He and his corporatist friends would stand to make a great deal of money off this venture.

Gates claims the information is already out there and in the government’s hands. Gates believes in nationalizing education and is, in fact, a globalist. He claims the beneficial information will far outweigh privacy concerns.

The National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (NAICU) which represents private nonprofit colleges advocated for a ban enacted by Congress in 2008.

The report blames the ban on the NAICU who are portrayed as wealthy insiders, however, the goal of this group is to protect privacy.

The Chair of NAICU, David Shi believes such a tracking system  “would put at risk fundamental privacy rights, especially the rights of students to control their academic records.” He explained how the system would work – “For example, educational data could be connected to earnings data from the Social Security Administration and de-identified to provide files to the Department of Education, aggregated by program or institution, that exclude students’ names, Social Security numbers, and other identifying information” – the concerns are clear.

Gates and his money-grubbing friends argue that this federal government system will protect against hackers because they would have procedures that would prevent “inadvertent release of private data.”

However, the federal government IS the threat.

In Bill Gates’ world, having no privacy from birth is a small price to pay for the government keeping all our records and aggregating them for still yet-to-be-seen purposes.

Ironically, Bill and Melinda send their children to private school that does not have Common Core.

Read more at Inside Higher Ed

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