Gay Bashers in New York City


Don’t be deceived by the title. I don’t mean gays are being bashed, I mean they are bashing others. They and Mayor Bill de Blasio and his sidekick Melissa Mark-Vivierto are boycotting the St. Patrick’s Day Parade because LGBTs are not being allowed to march with signs identifying their sexual preferences. They are out bashing Police Commissioner Bill Bratton because he will participate in the parade.

Parades normally don’t allow irrelevant marchers, but that doesn’t matter to these bashers.

St. Patrick has nothing to do with sexual preferences but they don’t care. They are bullies. They don’t like to be bullied themselves but they sure love to bully others.

Why don’t they demand to march in the Muslim Day Parade? Leave the Catholics alone and go for that parade.

Gay Day in Albany

Gay Day in Albany, Maybe the Muslim Day Parade would be a more appropriate venue?

Gay activists expressed their disappointment.

“To have someone who is in charge of the safety of this city march in a parade that is breathing hate, and saying we as LGBTQ New Yorkers cannot march openly in it, is an extremely giant step in the wrong direction,” said Eunic Ortiz, president of Stonewall Democrats.

“We hope (Bratton) changes his mind before March 17,” Ortiz added.

The commie mayor surprised me and said he will let city workers make their own choices about whether or not to march.

Full story at the NY Daily News


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