Gay Pride Parade ISIS Joke – Warning


ISIS flag

Warning: Graphic pictures at the end.

It’s all just a big joke.

A man waving what appeared to be an ISIS flag at the London Gay Pride parade two days ago was given air time on CNN. (PS: A notice to click another youtube video will come up, don’t watch it unless you want to see vulgarity).

As it turns out, the flag is not Arabic, it’s gobbledegook made up of dildos, butt plugs, and other sex toys.

Gawker spotted the real intent but missed the point when they made fun of CNN for airing the story as a serious intrusion by ISIS. The real point is how ISIS celebrated Gay Pride.

ISIS celebrated by throwing three more gay men off buildings as they did earlier this year. (Photos via Twitter and Daily Mail)

gay love by ISIS

ISIS celebrating murder of gay men

ISIS Hung by feet, then let go