Gen. Flynn’s Son Reacts to DoJ/FBI Probe of His Father Based on a Photo


Former FBI director James Comey and Sally Yates, the former United States Deputy Attorney General, targeted General Flynn for a criminal investigation a year before he communicated with the Russian ambassador in December 2016 as a transition official. The reason was far from legitimate.

General Flynn attended a 10th anniversary gala after he was invited by RT, a Russian media outlet operating throughout the world and the United States.

RT paid Flynn $45,000 to give a speech in December 2015. All this is legal, yet it began the probe by Comey and Yates.

The two – Comey and Yates – based their investigation on this very public, not covert photo.

Bill Clinton received $500,000 for a speech in Russia and met with Putin around the time the Uranium One deal was signed. The Clinton Foundation accepted about $150,000,000 from Russians.

There is no investigation on the Clintons.

Green Party candidate Jill Stein attended with Flynn. Ms. Stein was not targeted.

Mike Flynn Jr. responded with the obvious observation. How does a photo at a gala start a DoJ/FBI probe? 

Do we still live in America? What kind of country is this? Word out today is that the Inspector General report will say the FBI and DoJ broke the law in the Clinton email investigation.

These corrupt people must be held accountable.

The espionage of the Trump campaign is illegal and the media is complicit. They too are corrupt.



  1. How many were under the impression, as I was, that all this started with a FISA warrant. Instead it originated with NSL (National Security Letters). I had assumed they were only used in cases involving terrorists. If the FBI can use NSL’s for such superficial investigations as in this case then changes are drastically needed. It calls into question what other uses the NSL’s have been used for. If there were some significant oversight in these letters that would be one thing, but being able to just write up a letter and have that as the Only basis for action is a danger to a free country. There is just no end to violations of personal freedoms and civil liberties that compound year after year. It would take volumes to correlate the many violations and their ramifications which span decades and have had Supreme Court authorization.

  2. There are so many layers to this abuse. We lack decent leaders in Congress & the DOJ to help. The refusal by Sessions of a 2nd counsel, despite grounds for one in the statute, was key to the coverups.

  3. since this started in 2016, Trump was new and didn’t have an idea of what they possibly would do. I think that was the first disadvantage.

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