Gender Naming Has Gotten Out of Hand


Facebook allows as many genders as people want to use and in some colleges, professors are expected to ask students the gender they identify with, yet some of this is a sign of serious mental illness. Perhaps we should go back to male and female and stop pretending all of this is normal.

Is it bigotry to say I find their confusion confusing?

A list of 200 genders has been compiled by Age of Sh*lords and many are recognized mental disorders.

The problem for the general population is that the left wants to force the majority to recognize all this as normal. That infringes on the rights of others who prefer male, female. People are being told how they can refer to people and by what salutations even though they are not within the acceptable societal norms or should there be no norms? Are we helping mentally ill people by pretending they’re normal?

One of the genders that caught my attention is “zoo sexual” which is an attraction to non-human animals.

Other genders are genders that change with the environment, one that only that person can describe – it’s unknowable, one linked to the four elements, psychedelic gender, seasonal gender, cold and snowy gender, multi-gendered, and some think they’re a blank space gender.

There’s at least 200 of them just like that on the link above.

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