General Dempsey Lied to America About ISIS, Betrayed the Uniform He Wears



“The city itself, it’s not symbolic in any way. It’s not been declared, ya know, part of the caliphate on the one hand or central to Iraq. And the issue here is not brick and mortar. It’s about defeating ISIL, so, as I said, uh, oh, I’d much rather Ramadi not fall, but it won’t be the end of a campaign should it fall. We gotta get it back.” That statement is from the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey who discounted the lives lost and the many wounded, both Iraqi and U.S. lives, so he could provide cover for Barack Obama’s failed policies.

What he said amounted to bald-faced lies.

Ramadi is a key Sunni city with serious symbolic importance and ISIS decides what is a caliphate, not him.

How are we going to get it back when Iraqis in the area have been begging for U.S. sorties for weeks and we wouldn’t do it.

Vice President Joe Biden is lying to people – claiming ISIS is under control. The FBI is meeting in the Mexican consulate to find out how to shut down the bad press from Judicial Watch who discovered there are ISIS camps in Mexico, 8 miles from El Paso, with spotters in New Mexico.

Now we have a general lying about the situation with ISIS in Iraq, ignoring the message he is sending to the military. He’s a disgrace.

General Dempsey is a traitor to the military. He’s not a general, he’s a politician.

Ironically, he said he’s focusing air strikes on Beiji which has an oil infrastructure. Will the left accuse him of being tied into big oil?

Senator McCain, Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, reacted to Dempsey’s statement that if Ramadi falls, it’s not that big a loss. McCain said he sometimes thinks he’s “grown numb from the statements that are made by General Dempsey in defense of this administration and this feckless foreign policy.” He corrected himself later in the interview and said it’s not a policy, we don’t have a strategy.

Senator McCain said about Dempsey’s latest comments, “But this truly is a stunner.”

He reminded the audience that during the surge, there was battle for Ramadi in which many lives were lost and many more were wounded and the battle for Ramadi was one of the single battles of the surge as we took back over the Anbar Province thanks to General Petraeus and the Anbar awakening.

More U.S. military died in Anbar than anywhere else. It took the lives of one-third of those killed on the U.S. side.

“And now this general says it really doesn’t matter?” McCain asked. He wondered what he’d [Dempsey] say to the families of those who died and were wounded and “it doesn’t seem to matter?”

Who is he to say what the caliphate is, McCain wondered in disbelief.

McCain explained that we didn’t help the Iraqis because of the Obama administration’s “tepid” response, plus the fact that they refuse to put tactical air controllers on the ground, making it “nearly impossible to hit a target”.

McCain asked about the thousands being displaced and who “will be treated as we know ISIS treats those who are left behind.”

What about their lives when we have the power to stop this massacre by ISIS?

“This may be one of the most bizarre and insensitive statements I have ever heard a military leader make but he is also the mouthpiece,” he said about Dempsey.

Military leaders all say we can defeat ISIS but Obama won’t do it for the same reason he pulled everyone out of Iraq. We are doing something in Iraq but there is not strategy for Syria.

How do you respond to the families of the wounded and dead of those soldiers killed in Ramadi, McCain asked. We had the war won.



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