General Flynn Administers the Q Oath, Validating Q in the Process


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General Flynn Administers the Q Oath, Validating Q in the Process

By Paul Dowling


“Where We Go One, We Go All.  God bless America!”  – General Michael Flynn, upon completing his administration to others of the Q Oath

“As of July 7, 2020, President Donald Trump has amplified tweets from accounts promoting the QAnon conspiracy theory at least 185 times via at least 114 individual accounts, some of them more than once. . . .”  – Alex Kaplan, serving to validate the importance of Q to President Trump, while writing an anti-Qanon hit-piece for Media Matters


The Biggest Q Proof of All: General Flynn Administers the Q Oath to Fellow Patriots

On July 5, 2020, General Michael Flynn confirmed the validity of Q by posting to Twitter a video of himself administering the Q Oath to people who appear to be family members celebrating the 4th of July with the general.  Everyone repeats after General Flynn the following words: “I, (everyone says his or her name), do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.  Where We Go One, We Go All.  God bless America!”


It is interesting that, around the 50-second mark in Flynn’s video, Flynn and his fellow Q Patriots, upon saying “So help me God,” lift their hands into the air, while collectively holding up 17 fingers; 17 is the numeric motto for Q.  An image of this is provided by the Daily Mail (the third picture of Flynn and his cohort of Q Patriots, or the second picture after the video) which is captioned: “Flynn tweeted a video of the group reciting the oath before they cheered ‘God Bless America’ and pumped their fists in the air.”  The six participants of the group displayed the following numbers of fingers: 5-1-1-0-5-5.  These digits add to 17.  In his tweet, General Flynn writes, “#TakeTheOath.”  Clicking on this hashtag produces a thread of people who have posted their Q Oaths, having, no doubt, been inspired by the general’s “Q proof.”


Q has been providing Q proofs for years, which often involve Trump’s near-simultaneous retweeting of remarks posted by Q or some other unique recognition of such remarks.  One of the most famous Q proofs occurred on Jan 29, 2018, when an anonymous Q Patriot requested that Q add the phrase “tip-top” to the State of the Union Address.  Although this did not occur, on April 2, 2018, President Trump did make use of that low-frequency term, upon appearing with First Lady Melania Trump and someone in a white rabbit suit, by saying the White House was in “tip-top shape; we call it sometimes tippy-top shape.” Subsequent to Trump’s utterance, Q posted these comments: “Tip Top Tippy Top Shape” and “It was requested.  Did you listen today?”


Trump and the Military: Why Did Trump Run for President?

Generals and admirals – like General Michael Flynn and Admiral Michael Rogers – have figured prominently in Trump’s presidency.  On October 28, 2017, in Q-drop #2, Q asked, “Why does Potus surround himself w/ generals?  What is military intelligence?”  And on October 31, 2017, in Q-drop #14, Q posed these questions: “Why did Adm R (NSA) meet Trump privately w/o auth?  Does POTUS know where the bodies are buried?  Does POTUS have the goods on most bad actors?  Was TRUMP asked to run for President?  Why?  By Who?”


Trump likes taking advice from well-informed generals, because they tend to put America first.  Trump relies on Military Intelligence and the NSA more than he does the CIA, because the CIA possesses too many corrupt players and, therefore, is not to be relied upon.  Military Intelligence characteristically exercises much more loyalty to the commander-in-chief than other intelligence agencies.


Admiral Rogers met with President-elect Trump during his transition to the presidency, without authorization from President Obama, because Rogers discovered that Obama had been illegally spying on Trump.  Rogers chose loyalty to the Constitution, in line with his Oath, over loyalty to an administration that was making criminal use of the NSA database.  The Last Refugesays this about the situation: “NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers didn’t want to participate in the spying scheme (Clapper, Brennan, Etc.), which was the baseline for President Obama’s post-presidency efforts to undermine Donald Trump and keep Trump from digging into the Obama labyrinth underlying his remaining loyalists.  After the October spying operation went into effect, Rogers’ unknown loyalty was a risk to the Obama objective.  10 Days after the election Rogers travels to President-elect Trump without notifying those who were involved in the intel scheme.  Did NSA Director Mike Rogers wait for a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) to be set up in Trump Tower, and then notify the President-elect he was being monitored by President Obama?  . . . . Seems likely.”  The Trump transition team departed Trump Tower for good after Rogers’ warning, moving his team to the Trump National Golf Club, in Bedminster, New Jersey, an unpremeditated venue that was likely free of electronic spying devices.  Having successfully alerted Trump, Rogers was brought up for dismissal by Obama, according to The Hill, on the recommendations of “Defense Secretary Ash Carter and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.”


Related to the topic of whether POTUS knows where the bodies are buried,  K.T. McFarland has said this: “Flynn knew where all the bodies were buried.  He had been in the Obama Administration.”  Thus, by extension, President Trump must also be aware of the same unsavory details, having learned them from Flynn, who used to be the president’s National Security AdvisorAdmiral Rogers and other members of Military Intelligence who formerly worked under Obama were also serving President Trump.  Therefore, it might be surmised that POTUS does indeed “have the goods” on most bad actors.


Q has strongly implied all along that Trump was asked to run for president by someone in the military.  In 2019, confirmation of this came in an article appearing in “President Donald Trump said Monday that retiring Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford was an influence on his decision to run for the White House. . . .  Trump recalled a Marine Corps event in 2015 at which he was receiving an award and sat at a table with Dunford. . . .  At the dinner, Trump said he was ‘asking Joe lots of questions about the military’ and, during the course of that conversation, said he was mulling running for president.  Trump said he told Dunford: ‘I don’t know.  What do you think?  Should I give it a shot?’  He didn’t say whether Dunford encouraged him, but added that ‘he helped me form an opinion, he gave me lots of information’ on the workings of the military and the duties of the commander-in-chief. . . .  ‘He’s like central casting’ in the role of a general, he said of Dunford.”


The Fake-News Media Have Long Sought to Discredit Q

There is an old saying: “Learned people seem like crazy people to ignorant people.”  Due to America’s having an elite news establishment that censors news, as well as an elite educational establishment that censors education, there is a great deal of ignorance in currency among the American people, the upshot of which is that the well-informed are often derided by the ill-informed.  This is the situation which Q seeks to remedy by getting people to expand their thinking, but Q is aware that many cannot be taught by simply dispensing knowledge to them; an increasingly mistrustful populace – finding itself awash with fake news – must be enabled to verify information for itself, which is why Q uses the Socratic method to encourage everyone to learn by thinking for oneself, using reason.  Quoth Q, “Logical thinking.”


One of the most outstanding Q analysts (and perhaps the best one to follow, due to the care he takes not to “overdrive his headlights” when interpreting Q) is Dave Hayes, aka “Praying Medic”; he describes the way Q works like this: “The Socratic method leads to hypothesis elimination; better hypotheses emerge by steadily identifying and eliminating weak ones or ones that lead to contradictions.  Typically, a series of questions are introduced that are intended as tests of logic and fact.  These questions help a person discover their underlying beliefs about some topic and identify beliefs that should be discarded.”


Q challenges the cultural and historical narratives that have been under the control of the Deep State’s media and educational institutions.  This is done by confirming as true ideas generally considered by believers in the Deep-State narrative to be too far out of the mainstream to consider valid.  However, Q’s connection to Military Intelligence (more on this below) lends weight to Q’s pronouncements, although this means care must be taken not to disclose classified information that might harm Q’s efforts to restore American justice and freedom.  There are, however, certain facts Q wishes to reveal without having to go through the formal process of declassification.  These nuggets of information are, therefore, hinted at by means of Q-drops that sometimes ask questions and at other times link to illuminating articles, many of which contain speculations that, by virtue of their presence in a Q-recommended piece of writing, imply confirmation of what is being conjectured.


In Q-drop #3858 from February 12, 2020, Q lamented the hypnotic power of the Deep State’s mass-media propaganda machine to influence people who believe fake news: “What happens when 90% of the media is controlled/owned by (6) corporations?  What happens when those same corporations are operated and controlled by a political ideology?  . . . Do ‘echo chamber’ tactics provide validation/credibility to the topic/point being discussed?  Threat to intellectual freedom?  Would control over [of] these institutions/organizations allow for the mass control of a populations viewpoint re: a desired topic?  . . . Logical thinking. . . .  When ‘non-dogmatic’ information becomes FREE & TRANSPARENT it becomes a threat to those who attempt to control the narrative. . . .  When you are awake, you stand on the outside . . . and have ‘free thought’.  ‘Free thought’ is a philosophical viewpoint which holds that positions regarding truth should be formed on the basis of logic, reason, and empiricism, rather than authority, tradition, revelation, or dogma.  THIS REPRESENTS A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO THE CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.”


The fake-news media have expended a great amount of energy fighting the Q Movement.  One of the latest attempts to discredit the movement was a hit-piece against Trump written by Alex Kaplan for the Soros-funded Media Matters.  In the article, Kaplan vilifies the president for promoting “the QAnon conspiracy theory.” Kaplan claims that Q is “tied to multiple violent incidents and threats of violence.”  Kaplan’s specious claim is like saying that the New York Times is tied to violence, because President Reagan’s would-be assassin, John Hinckley, read the Times.  Q operates primarily by offering facts to verify and posing questions, not by issuing orders to follow and promoting violence.


Most of the claims being made about Q by fake-news media outlets are stories with no basis in fact.  What is ironic about Kaplan’s article is that it highlights, for those who are skeptical of Q, the importance that Trump and his family members assign to Q.  Here is how Kaplan opens his article: “As of July 7, 2020, President Donald Trump has amplified tweets from accounts promoting the QAnon conspiracy theory at least 185 times via at least 114 individual accounts, some of them more than once. . . .  Additionally, members of Trump’s family, his personal attorney, current and former campaign staffers, and even some current and former Trump administration officials have also repeatedly amplified QAnon supporters and their content.”  What Kaplan’s reporting accomplishes, for Trump and for Q, is to show just how important Q is to President Trump – who has even been known to post Q-drops himself, using “Q+” as his signature.  One event that has proven this is explained by Dr. Russell McGregor’s tweet from May 10, 2020: “Woke up and saw #Obamagate trending on Twitter!  Then went to Q drops and found an Anon had requested Q+ tweet it#POTUS did so 8 minutes later!”


Autists on the Chans Validate Q

Back when “autists” on the “Chans” first started paying attention to Q-drops (Q started out on 4chan but later moved to 8chan, now called 8kun) the major media corporations began to see the danger posed by Q to their control of the cultural narrative.  Deep-State shills pretending to be Q enthusiasts appeared on the Q boards to feign lack of faith in Q, claiming Q was obviously a LARP (Live Action Role Player) who was lying about being connected to Military Intelligence.  However, the information Q was providing for anonymous posters – aka “anons” – to vet was ringing more true with every additional post.  In Q’s fourth anonymous post, on October 29, 2017, before the “Q” signature had come into vogue, Q said, “Some of us come here to drop crumbs, just crumbs. . . .  Focus on Military Intellingence [sic]/State Secrets and why might that be used vs any three letter agency . . .  Why is POTUS surrounded by generals ^^  Again, there are a lot more good people than bad so have faith.  This was a hostile takeover from an evil corrupt network of players (not just Democrats). . . .  Operation Mockingbird . . .  Patriots are in control.  Sit back and enjoy the show.”  This Q-drop implies a relationship between Q and Military Intelligence, while clearly ascribing corrupt practices to the fake-news media via the dictation of their messaging by the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird.  Q’s ambiguous use of the phrase “Some of us come here to drop crumbs” has led to speculation that Q might not have meant to include all anonymous posters on the boards, but might have been referring to a team out of Military Intelligence that is engaged in the writing of Q-drops.  The skeptical autists Q needed to win over, in order to establish credibility, went to work scrutinizing Q and decoding Q’s messages.  A hardened group of skeptics, from having dealt with so many poseurs on the Chans over the years, the autists are notoriously difficult to impress and even harder to fool.


Autists are online nerds with an uncanny ability to focus and do research; these people are not necessarily individuals with autism – although it is indeed possible that some of them might be on the spectrum.  These researchers are, on the whole, a brash, crude, and politically-incorrect lot with a tendency to cut Internet surfers to the quick with their words, without any regard for feelings, since the only thing that matters to autists is the strength of any claims being made.  However, instead of making mincemeat out of Q, in a manner of speaking, these hardnosed skeptics actually began to validate many of Q’s assertions.


In the embryonic days of the Q Movement, on November 8, 2017, the one-year anniversary of Trump’s win at the polls, Trump tweeted out a picture of himself with a team of individuals, all of whom are holding up their thumbs.  Anons subjected this photo to intense scrutiny, and here is what was discovered: If one were to draw a line from Trump’s thumb to the thumb of Steve Miller (the other man next to the woman in the photo), and then connect all the other people’s thumbs together in a circle, a Q can be seen.  Is this a photo of the president with his Q team?  Perform a right-click on this photo and select “Inspect Element” to reveal the filename of this photo as “DO IT Q” [long filename = “background-image: url(“×900″)”].  Indeed, the president and this team of individuals do seem to be validating Q with this photo.


According to Q-drop #2491, November 12, 2018, “#1 attacked person by FAKE NEWS [+swamp [R+D]]?  POTUS  #2 attacked entity by FAKE NEWS [+swamp [R+D]]?  Q  As of 3:02 pm est today, ‘Qanon’ is now the #2 most attacked entity behind POTUS within the U.S.  [R+D COORDINATED BLITZ ATTACK]  Logical Thinking > WHY?  WHY WOULD THE BIGGEST MEDIA CO’S IN THE WORLD CONTINUE TO ATTACK THIS MOVEMENT?  2+2=4  Congratulations, Anons!  YOU ARE NOW THE SECOND BIGGEST THREAT TO THE ESTABLISHMENT.  BADGE OF HONOR! . . .  Q”  The Q Movement is told the news that it is now the “#2 attacked entity by FAKE NEWS,” in an effort by Q to congratulate Q Patriots for making the movement into one of such monumental importance.  Many Q Patriots are quite active on social media.  General Flynn, addressing the subject of citizen journalists, refers to “an army of digital soldiers” who are fighting against the Deep State.  According to Flynn, “The American people decided to take over the idea of information, and they did it through social media.”


What Q Has Said, Regarding Pedophiles, Sex Trafficking, and Satanic Ritual Abuse

Perhaps the most deep-seated reason Trump ran for president was to save the children, by halting the child-sex trafficking that harms – even kills – children, on a daily basis.  It is interesting that Save the Children issued a statement congratulating Trump, upon his election to the highest office in the land.


In Q-drop #133, November 11, 2017, Q posted this: “Does Satan exist?  Does the ‘thought’ of Satan exist?  Who worships Satan?  What is a cult?  Epstein island.  What is a temple?  What occurs in a temple?  Worship?  Why is the temple on top of a mountain?  How many levels might exist below?  What is the significance of the colors, design and symbol above the dome?  Why is this relevant?  Who are the puppet masters?  Have the puppet masters traveled to this island?  When?  How often?  Why?  ‘Vladimir Putin: The New World Order Worships Satan’  Q”


So, the unriddled version of the above would go something like this: Q believes Satan does exist, and that many elites, even if they do not believe in Satan, find the Satanic beliefs of their associates powerful in their own lives.  The Deep-State puppet masters are Satan worshipers.  A cult is a group of believers in a deity or a devil into which one must be initiated; such groups are difficult, if not impossible, to leave, once joined.  Jeffrey Epstein’s private island, named Little Saint James (aka Pedophile Island), is a place where Satanic Ritual Abuse has occurred.  There is a temple on the island for performing Satanic rituals, situated atop a mountain, because the temple was built over an entrance to a network of tunnels and chambers several levels deep.  The same owl that has adorned this temple is still being utilized at the Bohemian Grove as a symbol for Moloch; children are sacrificed in effigy at the Grove on what is known as the “Great Owl of Bohemia.”  Members of Illuminati bloodlines, who pull the strings of political leaders, have visited Epstein’s Pedophile Island.  It has been reported – although not in the Deep-State-controlled media – that Vladimir Putin acknowledges that “The New World Order worships Satan.”


Trump’s Spiritual Mission: Eliminate Child Trafficking and Child Sacrifice

Trump grasps that the war against the Deep State is occurring on a spiritual plane, as well as a corporeal one, and that he must be outfitted with “the Armor of God” to ensure Good triumphs over Evil.  Reportedly, Trump has communicated to Vladimir Putin that he had to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel because “he needed ‘divine protection’ to protect himself and his nation from ‘satanic forces,’” maintaining further, “Either God will win, or I will die.”


Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne contends that Hollywood is full of Satan worshipers who commit acts of Satanic Ritual Abuse by sacrificing children and drinking their blood.  Howard-Browne’s statements are in line with Mel Gibson’s similar ones.  Gibson has famously insisted, “Hollywood is institutionalized pedophilia. . . .  Their spiritual beliefs, if you can call them that, direct them to harvest the energy of the kids. . . .  They harvest the blood of children.  They eat their flesh.  They believe this gives them life force.  If the child was suffering in body and psyche before it died, they believe this gives them extra life force.”  Gibson has proclaimed these assertions to the EU Times, “backstage after his appearance [on the BBC’s Norton Graham Show],” in hopes of exposing the practices of Hollywood’s Satanism and its culture of pedophilia.


Many in the media have vigorously sought to debunk these claims.  But Howard-Browne has begun to see his statements about Satanic ritual practices borne out by the NXIVM (say “Nexium”) sex cult revelations, coupled with Q’s revelations that Hillary Clinton has taken part in Satanic rituals – having received a blood transfusion from a boy, had sex with a girl, and taken part in the Satanic ritual mutilation of a child.  After this information was culled from Anthony Weiner’s laptop by the New York Police Department, reportedly “the New York Police officer who saw some of it . . . literally had to go throw up.”  Since this laptop video came to light, it would appear that nine out of twelve people who viewed the evidence have since died.


Take the Oath

Q’s modus operandi is to reveal what has been hidden – shining a light into the dark corners of the world and helping to bring about the arrest of a myriad of treasonous actors guilty of selling out America to China, Ukraine, and other entities, as well as having committed horrible crimes against humanity.  Learning the truth will be painful for many, as what Q calls a “great awakening” stirs to awareness an increasing number of people with every passing day.  This awakening is necessary, however, if the Q Movement is to succeed in restoring the American philosophy of “FREEDOM & JUSTICE FOR ALL NO MATTER RACE, RELIGION, OR BACKGROUND.”  It is wake-up time in America – time for all good Patriots to take the Red Pill and travel down the rabbit hole with Q’s guidance.  Any Patriots who might find their way to supporting General Michael Flynnand his army of digital soldiers by taking their own Q Oaths should feel encouraged to do so.  So, pray for America, pray for President Trump and the Q team, and pray for all Patriots who are working to restore America’s free Republic.


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Paul Dowling

Paul Dowling has written about the Constitution, as well as articles for American Thinker, Independent Sentinel, Godfather Politics, Eagle Rising, and Conservative Notions.




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