General Keane: It’s Not Rocket Science, We Need a Decision


rise of the caliphate
We are supporting the rebels in Syria, many of whom are killing Christians and many of whom are members of ISIS, the group now rampaging through Iraq. The United States policy is to rid the world of Assad who is protecting Christians and who, vile though he is, can’t hold a candle to ISIS in terms of viciousness and tyrannical rule.

We did the same thing in Egypt when we supported the Muslim Brotherhood and we supported the Brotherhood in Libya.

ISIS is a direct threat to the United States.

We have options.

Air power could arrest the march of ISIS on Baghdad. ISIS is traveling around in long parades with arms and trucks. They are easy targets but while they travel, Obama dithers. Opponents of air strikes say we can’t be their air force but Obama has already said that if we do strike by air, it will be limited.

I sense another red line.

We could remove ISIS from occupied towns but that would require some boots on the ground in conjunction with air power which no one wants. We did however, accomplish that in Iraq in the beginning.

Another option is to eliminate ISIS as a fighting force which air power could facilitate. If ISIS just keeps what they have, it will be a serious threat to the United States.

We no longer have sufficient intelligence in the area thanks to the Obama policies, making this situation more complex than it should be.

We need to have a well-defined policy with an end goal but Mr. Obama will not do that which makes the extent of our involvement in the Sunni-Shiite civil war questionable.

Unfortunately, ISIS is a direct existential threat to the US and its allies and something must be done.

General Keane’s perspective. We need to restore intelligence to Maliki’s government:

A crucial Iraqi oil refinery in Baiji was attacked by ISIS yesterday and it was temporarily under their control. Al-Maliki said his forces repelled the attack, but the effect these attacks will have on gas prices goes without saying.

Maliki won’t go along with Obama’s conditions for help from the US and said Obama is abetting a “regional plot.” That’s possible knowing Obama.

Maliki excluded the Sunnis in his administration which is, in part, the reason for this uprising and for the rising power of ISIS and their ability to attract the old Saddam regime forces and the more moderate Islamists. If the US had a residual force in the region, it could have been arrested earlier on.

The fact that we have allied ourselves with ISIS indirectly in Syria further complicates matters. In Syria, ISIS is doing their own thing, pretending they are on the side of rebels, but they are actually establishing caliphates throughout the region and murdering other rebels and Christians.

Mr. Obama is incapable of quick action unless it’s to further a domestic socialist agenda.

Barack Obama finally gave intelligence officials permission to pick up Ahmed Abu Khattala who has been granting interviews and parading around Benghazi in full view since he was seen on video at the Benghazi consulate two years ago.

It was very timely.

Mr. Obama is going to make as much hay out of this as possible.

It’s unlikely Khattala is a big player. He’s a clown who spent most of his life in a Gaddafi prison in Libya. He’s a member of Ansara al-Sharia.

He could have been picked up at any time in the last year-and-a-half.

Khattala will probably be tried in New York City at taxpayer expense. We will all pay for his expensive lawyers. He will end up in jail like a common criminal where he can radicalize the prisoners.

The media will continuously use it to make Obama seem more effective than he is.

Khattala is a hardened terrorist who belongs in GITMO but Obama won’t do it. Obama is violating the Constitution and giving this foreign terrorist the constitutional rights of all American citizens and residents.

Incredibly, Obama is considering working with the terrorist nation of Iran.

There is no hope for Obama’s foreign policy.

He is right now consulting with think tanks about Iraq but in the end he will talk with a big stick and walk softly to the great detriment of US policy and effectiveness in the world. Remember, he wants us to be small time players in the world.

Listen to Navy SEAL Ben Smith and tell me if you think he’s too extreme or if he’s right on or somewhere in between:


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