Generational Welfare, Exorbitant Minimum Wages Are Meant to Become the Permanent ‘Living Wage’


welfare state

My aunt was a social worker in New York City in the 1940s and 50s. She used to tell me stories of women who claimed welfare for other peoples’ children or had their significant others hide under beds when she came to check on them. Those were the days when welfare recipients were closely supervised.

This article isn’t aimed at those who need welfare to get them through tough times, it’s aimed at the bottom feeders.

We currently live in a society in which welfare credit cards are given out to make recipients feel comfortable with living on the dole whether they need to or not. They freely use them at gambling parlors, sex joints and they can be easily sold.

Non-descriptive terms are used, such as “TANF” or “workfare” in lieu of “welfare” and “SNAP” for “food stamps”, so as to make the recipients feel comfortable instead of ashamed for taking assistance. They also serve the purpose of deceiving folks.

Giving tax refunds to people who didn’t pay taxes is called “Negative Income Tax” and includes Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), and the Child Tax Credit. Notice the word “credit”.

The safety net which almost everyone wants for our needy has been expanded to include the able-bodied non-working, foreigners, people working off the books, refugees who are actually illegal immigrants, and higher-incomed people. That is not what was intended in the original bill.

Medicaid now takes in millions of people who formerly paid for their own healthcare insurance, some of whom, perhaps many of whom, wanted to pay for their own insurance.

There is housing assistance, education allowances, SSI, Head Start, job training, WIC, child care, LIHEAP, Lifeline (Obamaphone soon to be Obamanet as well), et al.

We have generational welfare families and their numbers are growing among all races. I’ve worked with families who encouraged their girls to sleep with boyfriends as soon as they hit puberty so they could collect welfare for the new baby. AND THEY WERE WHITE!

Marxists are now openly demanding a ‘living wage’ that gives everyone in the nation a set minimum income if they are low-income or don’t work. However, generational welfare is becoming exactly that for a portion of our population, a portion now growing thanks to our flatlined economy.

The ‘War on Poverty’ started with President Lyndon Johnson and the safety nets he put in place were meant to serve as a hand up, not the handout which generations of people see as generational income they are entitled to have though they haven’t earned it.

The ‘War on Poverty’ has failed. The Marxists, such as those who run the website “Federal Safety Net”, want the “living wage” to replace these programs.

A “living wage” is an annual income that an individual or family can comfortably live on. In this scenario, everyone would make roughly at least 200% of the poverty threshold to be paid for by those who are producing.

Some want all money taxed to the max and the government would then decide on and dispense incomes. That has always been the danger of wage and price control.

Mr. Obama talks about some being recipients of the “lottery” because they are smarter or more talented or are born into better circumstances. Under Marxist social justice reform, that would end. All would have equalized outcomes no matter how much effort they put in.

How that encourages innovation, commitment, or hard work is not explained. Marxist theory teaches people that they are entitled to other peoples’ money and that the producers can not realize the fruits of their labor as profit or what they deem excessive profit.

This is what makes the minimum wage increases dangerous. In addition to costing jobs, they could quickly become outlandishly high.

The philosophy of the minimum wage as expressed by Marx: “To each according to his needs, from each according to his ability.”

Marx saw the minimum wage and the living wage as one and the same. He defined it as “the price paid for labor is equal to the amount of labor needed to (1) keep the laborer alive, (2) train the laborer, and (3) create new laborers, that is, support the worker’s family so more workers can be created. This level of a wage is called the wage minimum.”

Earned benefits of labor became unimportant and the incentive to strive for a better life disappears into the embers left by collectivism. Marx believed the bureaucratic government must govern this with one-size-fits-all mandates.

Wages under capitalism are determined by expertise, education, experience and their basic worth to the employer. Under Marxism, everyone is entitled to a minimum or, ideally, a living wage, by virtue of their existence and without them doing a thing to earn it. They are entitled because they breathe and take up space on the planet.

Marx saw “profit” as “the stolen surplus value of the laborer”.

You didn’t build that! We all did, even those of us who did nothing.

We see it at work in teacher-licensing in New York. Judge Kimba Wood couldn’t see the need to test teachers in competency for reading and writing if too many minorities fail the tests. Unequal outcomes is more important than having the best teachers.

A minimum wage that is too high destroys jobs. It is based on the myth that in the absence of government interventions in the free market, labor will necessarily be ruthlessly exploited by capital.

Raising wages above the market rate always produces unemployment. Often the money that would pay for the unemployed goes to those who keep their jobs in the form of higher wages.

What leftists are advocating for under the guise of ending poverty is an irreversible tax system which produces living wages for all regardless of their productivity.

Exorbitant minimum wages, attacking the rich, generational welfare will all one day come together in a  confluence of events to establish the welfare state unless it’s put under control.

If this happens, the fraud will grow exponentially and it will sap the nation of its Exceptionalism.

Marx also disapproved of ownership – particularly of property, inheritance, competition and profit. All of these are under attack from the left. These are all the things that served as the engine for what has been the greatest nation on earth.

The following are videos of the free money people and what that has wrought [this is to exclude those who do need this as a temporary hand u]p.

It pays to stay home:

Illegal immigrants also collect: