Genius Sheila Jackson Lee Denounces Russian Wikipedia Spies


“You know that I’m going to first of all denounce the utilization of this intrusion by Wikipedia through the Russian intrusion,” Jackson Lee said in an interview with MSNBC. “This is what it’s about. Espionage just like what was said over these last couple of days. We need to be concerned about the intrusion of Russia and Putin in these elections.”



  1. Sheila Jackson Lee is a perfect example of why we need Term Limits, I have watched this Idiot on C-Span at congressional hearings and whenever she talks its un-believable , does this woman have even 3 brain cells in her head???????

  2. on a side note this idiot while watching a video on capital hill of the mars land rover asked the NASA people there if the rover was near where the astronuats planted the American Flag, WQW, this is what people send to D.C, TERM LIMITS NOW!!!!!!!

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