Geography Test – Who Is Greece-Like?



Are you ready for a geography test? OK, let’s go!

What had:

  • Historically, for years, out of control spending
  • Had s huge debt
  • Just had their credit rating downgraded
  • Solved their mounting problems by always raising taxes
  • Had a pension system obligation that was bankrupting them?

OK — Give up? A hint- it’s not Greece —

IT’S ILLINOIS! Obama’s home state!

Last week, Moody DOWNGRADED Illinois from A2 to A1 -THE LOWEST OF ALL THE 50 STATES !!! Didn’t you catch the coverage of this downgrade on Channel 4? Well, maybe it was on CNN!!! Doubt it!!!

Just a minute!

Didn’t the media tell us that Pat Quinn, Illinois’ Democratic Governor, had solved the problem?

Last year, Quinn –

  • He raised individual income takes 67%
  • He raised Corporate taxes 46%.
  • He took NO steps to solve it’s huge pension underfunding or healthcare obligations
  • He refused to address the problem of chronic bill paying delays!

So what was the result, In Obama’s home state, where Obama learned all the basics of solving economic problems –

  • The pension assets can only cover 46% of their states’ liabilities (THE LOWEST OF ANY STATE)
  • Moody obvious downgrade, severely raised their costs to borrow MORE money to pay their debts
  • Companies are leaving Illinois in droves!!
  • They still have 6.8 BILLION dollars in UNPAID BILLS!!!

A surprise? Not really? Didn’t you hear about this on Channel 2? I doubt it!

All the Obama-Democrats in Chicago had to do was “to check out” their Republican neighbor, Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin!! He, on the other hand, implemented a fair pension reform, healthcare costs were trimmed, balanced their budget WITHOUT new taxes, and reformed it’s archaic union system!

How did the Democrats “reward” his efforts, which resulted in –

  • Numerous businesses moving TO Wisconsin
  • Moody’s praising the Governor for his budgetary success
  • Raised Gov. Walker’s ranking in Chief Executive Magazine , from 41st to 27th.

After thousands of Union protesters unsuccessfully tried to Occupy Madison, they are now trying a union- financed attempt TO RECALL HIM!


I urge all of you to contact Gov. Walker’s office and show your support for his valiant efforts! Donate or contact Governor Walker here.

How do YOU want to solves America’s debt problems? In November, the choice will be so obvious. Just compare — Illinois vs Wisconsin — and you will come to an obvious conclusion!

Almost 9 months to go!!