George Alexander Louis, Heir Apparent


King George VI

Photo of King George VI, formerly the Duke of York

William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, have named their new baby George Alexander Louis.

He will be known as His Highness Prince George of Cambridge. He is named after Queen Elizabeth’s father, King George VI.

The courageous King George VI made the decision to remain in London with his wife during the German bombing raids. They became symbols of national resistance.

A movie – The King’s Speech – was about his struggle to overcome a stammer.

He became King – reluctantly – when his brother Edward VIII abdicated to marry twice-divorced commoner Wallis Simpson. After he abdicated, he was known as Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor. It was a disgrace at the time.

The very popular Edward never regained the status he once had in the royal family or in the social life of the royal family. He was not an outcast from society in general. He and Simpson traveled between Europe and the US, living a life of leisure. They were suspected of being NAZI sympathizers. After Edward died, Simpson lived in seclusion and was rarely seen in public.

Another famous King George – George III – was the last king of the American colonies before we won our freedom in the American Revolutionary War.


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