George and Kellyanne Conway Are Trending on Twitter & It’s Not Good


George Conway has hit a new low. He’s gone from tweeting vile messages about Trump to calling his wife an “enabler” to quote-tweeting his wife, Kellyanne Conway. On Monday, he responded to her post about former Vice President Joe Biden.

Kellyanne Conway, who serves as President Trump’s White House counselor, tweeted a video of Biden talking about his “hairy legs” and how kids used to “rub my leg down … and then watch the hair come back up again.”

“Sleepy Joe is Creepy Joe,” she wrote. “We need Ukraine’s help to defeat THIS guy?”

George Conway replied, quote-tweeing her, “Your boss apparently thought so.”

It’s a new low for sexist George. He treats his wife like dirt and is humiliating her when she makes a point. Kellyanne Conway and Conway are trending and the left is mocking her mercilessly, not Biden who made a complete fool of himself in 2017.


He’s a leftist celebrity for now, but he will fall and he will fall hard. He’s crazy, realy.



  1. I understand that George has a LOT of dirt on the Clinton Global Initiative, as well as on Hillary herself.

    Gosh, I hope he doesn’t get ‘Arkansided’?!

  2. Yeah, he’s a jerk and is disrespectful to his spouse…but you lose me when you try to claim that he’s sexist because of the above. Is every woman who disrespects her husband “sexist” as well? If not, then lay off the white knighting male gender bashing.

    • I am fully on the side of men but you have to watch his Twitter feed. He’s jealous of his wife’s success. Not every man who disrespects his wife is sexist. I didn’t say that.

  3. I’m just thinking out loud…what if, just what if George isn’t really like what you think you see? What if the two of them are a “play within the play?”

    • George seems to have put on a bit of weight in the last few years. Stuffing his face to overcome his feelings regarding his wife’s fame? Inferiority complex coming out after all these years.
      Just sayin’.

  4. Two dominate people in the middle of a political battle is this really different than most marriages except he’s a JERK and is offended she has “palanca” and he doesn’t.

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