George Conway calls Rep. Stefanik “lying trash,” champions her SJW opponent


The disrespectful and sexist pig George Conway called Rep. Elise Stefanik “lying trash.” Apparently, he thinks Republican women don’t deserve to be treated with respect.

Adam Schiff, the chair of the intelligence committee who is running the impeachment inquiry, wouldn’t allow her to speak and silenced her six times as she tried to ask questions of the former Ukraine ambassador Masha Yovanovitch. That was due to a new rule Democrats alone supported and put in place on October 31st.

Kellyanne Conway’s husband George called Ms. Stefanik “lying trash” for saying Schiff wouldn’t allow her to speak, and is now promoting her opponent on social media. This is the so-called man who claims he’s a conservative.

The point Reps Nunes and Stefanik were making was that the rules are illicit since only Schiff drew them up and only Democrats approved them.

Only Democrats are allowed to pull “stunts” as George puts it. All tolled, all the Republicans only had about an hour to speak and had to abide by rules shutting them down during key moments. Yovanovitch was on the stand all day.


The opponent, Tedra Cobb is a far-left social justice warrior and she’s anti-guns. Cobb says she is committed to social justice [a Marxist value]. She supports illegal immigrants and wants cradle to career government-funded education. Her views on healthcare and climate can run fairly far-left.

She is backed by the far-left Obama group, the “Indivisibles.”

Stefanik is effective and she’s conservative. If Conway was indeed conservative, wouldn’t he support her? He knew she was making a statement in the beginning.

Bloomberg View columnist Eli Lake called Stefanik’s questioning “very impressive.” Fox News anchor Bret Baier agreed, as did former Obama administration official Michael McFaul and CNBC’s John Harwood. “None of them has much to work with, but Elise Stefanik is a most effective GOP questioner by a wide margin,” Harwood tweeted.


Stefanik appears to have asked to speak in the beginning despite new Schiff rules. The point was not to lie but to make it clear that these were illicit rules made up just before the open hearings to control the narrative.

Known as the 660 rules, they were created at the very end of October to control the narrative at the beginning of testimony. H Res 660 was only voted on by democrats with rules made by Adam Schiff, which is what Stefanik and others are trying to point out. Nunes said traditionally he would be allowed to cede his time in the beginning. Schiff created his own rules. Schiff makes the rules up as he goes along.

Those first 45 minutes are very important. People turn the set off after the beginning moments because it’s boring. With the Taylor-Kent testimony, more than 60 affiliates cut out after the first hour. Schiff knows that.


Fraudulent conservative George Conway is championing a Democrat challenger to Elise Stefanik as a result of her not obeying Schiff.


As Brit Hume tweeted, he could have simply disputed her comment, but instead, he called her “trash.”

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