George Demos for Congress So We Can Have One More Corrupt Politician in DC



John and Margo Catsimatidis

George Demos, who is running in a primary against State Senator and Army Major Lee Zeldin, is continuing his campaign of outright lies and twisted truths right up to Tuesday’s primary.

He is funded by far-left Californians, and they are not all relatives contrary to what he would have us believe. He uses their Alinsky tactics of playing fast and loose with the truth because, for him, the end justifies the means. He even won accolades from a local far-left paper that supports Obamacare and Tim Bishop – The Smithtown News.

If he wins, it would mean that a candidate could buy an election based entirely on nothing but lies and no substance. He is a allegedly a Republican and a Conservative but neither party supports him so when he says he is running as an outsider he’s not kidding. He does have substantial Democratic support however.

He has accused Senator Zeldin of everything from voting for Obamacare to the SAFE Act to taxing dog food and baby formula. None of that is true. Demos is endorsed by two key political players but they didn’t come cheap and they are intimately tied to the company Demos hired . Demos is paying for canvassers. His office is shuttered and closed to the public. His nauseating ads run day-and-night on TV and radio and his flyers come to Long Island homes daily. How many trees must die for him?

He was the first unsubstantial politician out of the box last year.  Walter Shapiro writing for NYU’s Brennan Center noticed the “obscure” Mr. Demos and his first ad. He said this:

“Nothing better symbolizes the tawdry tenor of contemporary politics than the contents of what is, according to Politico, the first candidate-sponsored TV ad of the 2014 campaign season.”

“A 30-second spot ballyhooing Republican contender George Demos visually links six-term Long Island Democratic House incumbent Tim Bishop with (wait for it) Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. The connection between Bishop, a former college admissions counselor, and the crack-smoking Ford is blindingly obvious: Both men hold political office in North America.”

Former mayoral candidate and renowned Greek-American businessman, John Catsimatidis is also the father-in-law of Chris Cox, who ran for Congress against Demos in CD-1 in 2010. Cox was one of Demos’ victims.

Carpetbagger George Demos accused Mr. Cox of being a carpetbagger when he – Demos – was the carpetbagger. He put out ads against Chris Cox and his other opponent Randy Altschuler in an effort to destroy their candidacy.

He barely noticed his real opponent Democratic congressman Tim Bishop, but it’s not surprising because he’s a shill for the Democrats and moves into temporary housing in the district every two years to act as spoiler in the race. He’s been playing this game since 2004 but actually had the power to cause harm in 2010 and 2012.

He is doing his best to make this year’s race into a circus. People don’t pay much attention and his clownish antics end up reflecting on Senator Zeldin and the Republican Party, which is obviously what he wants or he wouldn’t do it.

Mr. Catsimatidis had George Demos’ number in 2010. Check out his statement.

Dear George,

You should resign from your attempted Run for Congress as a Republican in the
First Congressional District of New York (Suffolk County)

If SEC allegations are correct you have resigned because of the number 1 SIN of Law Enforcement by Betraying Your employer and the violating code of ethics of a lawyer.

A person lacking integrity is the last person we need to represent us in Washington

1-You are the subject of a March/2009 SEC IG (Securities and Exchange Commission Inspector General ) report which identified you as the lawyer who revealed the name of a whistle blower against JP Morgan to JP Morgan’s counsel.

2. You quietly resigned from the SEC after this report came out.

3. Then Oct 2009 you announced your bid for Congress.

4- You are subject to an attorney disciplinary complaint filed in 2009. Your reply to the inquiry was that “You didn’t represent the whistle blower and owed him no duty of confidentiality.”

These issues directly implicate your integrity- at a time when the SEC was pledging to protect whistle blowers who were identifying fraudulent business practices, You where exposing them to the very companies they were providing evidence against to the government. This is no better than Assistant District Attorney identifying a witness testifying against an accused drug dealer

Perhaps you felt if you lost your license as a lawyer you could not get another job other than you should run for congress

You spend 80% of your time attacking your opponents and very little time
talking about the issues

Your Campaign is Full of Lies & exaggerations . You were a government lawyer for a paltry 7 years.
What jobs have you created?
What have you done to solve the problems of people in Long Island.

But voters don’t need another Politician that is not truthful to get into office.

This may be Great for the Old Congress BUT NOT for New Congress
to be elected this November
George Time to Resign and end the campaign

John Catsimatidis

Nothing  has changed since 2010, in fact, Demos has gotten worse – he lies about everything. He doesn’t stand for anything other than attacking his opponent who is an extraordinary Senator who led the charge against the MTA tax and got rid of 80% of it, got rid of the fishing license, fights for the Second Amendment, fights tirelessly for soldiers with PTSD and much more.

What I like most about Zeldin is he is honest and he is kind. He is a soldier and a gentleman. He is a true conservative.

I listened to Senator Zeldin speak a couple years ago about a change in law concerning tobacco sales and our local Indian reservation. He knew that answering a question the way he did would be the opposite of what the people in the audience wanted to hear but he told the truth anyway and explained why. A man stood up and said that the law would cost him money but the fact that he – Senator Zeldin – told the truth meant so much to him that he would vote for him. The audience applauded loudly. People just want to trust their representatives. They want to trust their government. They’re not asking for perfection.

Leftists like the loons at The Smithtown News are rooting for Demos because it is Senator Lee Zeldin who could defeat Rep. Tim Bishop, the man they endorsed six times.

You can read more about Demos herehere and especially here and check out The Washington Free Beacon or just put “Demos” in the search & enter box on this website. Especially make note of how he ratted out a whistleblower when he was at the SEC.

Better yet, listen to this video and get the entire lowdown:

It’s unbelievable to me that this man could even be considered as a potential congressman but money can buy anything it seems.

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