George Demos, Pelosi-Conservative, Is Very Bad for Long Island




We have lost New York City to the far-left, and we are now faced with losing the suburbs to the same machine politics.

During the NYC mayoral inauguration yesterday, incoming city comptroller, Scott Stringer, gave an ominous warning though he didn’t think it ominous: “And just as America has historically looked to New York for inspiration, so the country once again turns its eyes toward us today, to this city, to our people, for a blueprint of a thriving hopeful future, to a city that puts people above politics, and shared prosperity above individual success.”

The Progressive model – the blueprint – New York City has put forth, is filtering into the suburbs and threatening to take over the entire state.

Most endangered is Suffolk County, which has a far-left Democrat serving as Congressman from the very large CD-l. Congressman Tim Bishop has spent the time he has been in office, since 2003, quietly voting for Obamacare, an expensive green agenda, and an entitlement state for citizens and non-citizens. I say quietly because when the heat is on, he’s gone. With Obamacare a touchy subject, he is nowhere to be found.

Bishop has had help in his re-election efforts from an unlikely source, George Demos, who, as a perpetual Republican candidate, spends each primary annihilating the more viable Republican candidates with scathing TV ads and interviews.

Mr. Demos, the professional candidate, has run five times in six cycles and he always loses. He sought the nomination in ’04 and ’06; and lost primaries in ’10 and ’12.

That hasn’t discouraged him from running again in 2014. He’s going for a record of sorts.

In 2010, Demos ran in a primary for Congress in CD-1 against Chris Cox and Randy Altschuler. He tried to knock out his competition with vicious attacks. When he lost the primary, he left his surviving opponent damaged going up against the incumbent Democrat Tim Bishop.

In 2012, Suffolk saw a repeat against Randy Altschuler who ran a second time. Ironically, he accused Mr. Altschuler, who owns a home in Smithtown and whose wife has a practice in Mt. Sinai, of being a carpetbagger, a title he himself has earned.

If Demos had worked as hard to disable the real opponent, Tim Bishop, the race would have had a different outcome.

Demos seemed to have no interest in putting his credentials up against his rival Republicans or Mr. Bishop. His generalized statements about his conservative stance on issues were to be taken at face value because he has no record to back it up. When he is not running for office, he is not putting those beliefs into action by supporting his party, volunteering in the community, leading on local issues, in fact, he’s nowhere to be found.

Instead of addressing issues, Demos attacked his opponents with half-truths and misstatements intended to kill off the Republican competition.

Demos seems quite comfortable with hyperbole and misrepresentations and the Rush Limbaugh case is one such example.

Somehow Demos convinced Rush Limbaugh to promote him on his show as the only conservative in the race. It was a one-time event that was followed by a barrage of calls and emails from Republican voters, many of whom were conservatives, asking Mr. Limbaugh to not support Demos.

Limbaugh never mentioned Demos again but that didn’t stop him from claiming he had Rush Limbaugh’s support.

The one thing Demos did learn at the SEC is how to be ruthless.

When Demos was an attorney at the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), he was cited in an SEC Inspector General’s report for inappropriately revealing whistleblower information. He later produced a letter clearing him which is not hard for someone in his position to do. If you know the story of what he did to the whistleblower you might wonder why he was cleared.

Demos boasts of his work on the Bernie Madoff case while at the SEC. However, the SEC bungled that from the start when the scam was brought to their attention and they ignored it. If that is his high point, what was his low? Could it be disclosing the name of the JP Morgan Chase whistleblower which led to Demos resigning from the SEC under an ethics investigation?

Demos was investigating JP Morgan Chase and a great deal of money was involved. A whistleblower, Peter Sivere, came forward and was interviewed by Demos who then told JP Morgan Chase, the entity he was supposed to be investigating, the name of the whistleblower. The whistleblower was fired and was out a career for trying to correct a wrong.

Demos is a professional candidate who disappears from the political scene when he’s not running for office, demonstrating what appears to be a complete lack of interest in Suffolk County, Long Island.

Demos did not grow up in the district though he claims to be a “life-long Shelter Island resident,” but the residence was a family summer home. He grew up and attended school in NYC. Demos and his wife and baby rent a one-bedroom apt in Lake Ronkonkoma, giving the impression he will continue to be a transient. Demos has never paid property taxes in the district.

When he is not running for office, he is nowhere to be found. Demos disappears between campaigns and has no presence or activity in the district.

It is unclear as to what he does for a job, or if he even has one.

It is also unclear where his money comes from.

Demos appears to be funding his Republican Primary campaigns with Democrat money. Demos’ wealthy father-in-law, Angelo Tsakopoulous, a business partner of Paul Pelosi, is most likely funding his campaign. Demos, with a one-bedroom apartment and no visible source of income just donated $1 million to his own campaign.

Demos’ in-laws are Democrats, far-left Democrats, who have contributed over $1 million to Obama, Pelosi, DNC, DSCC and DCCC in recent years.

Angelo Tsakopoulous is Nancy Pelosi’s husband’s business partner and was at the center of an ethical firestorm when Pelosi failed to disclose the multi-million dollar financial relationship between them.

Demos’ sister-in-law is Eleni Tsakopoulos Kounalakis, now Ambassador to Hungary. Democratic donors are often rewarded with Ambassadorships.

Anb and Hillary
Ambassador Tsakopoulos Kounalakis with Hillary Clinton

Amb and Nancy
Eleni with close family friend Nancy Pelosi

If Demos is funded by far-left Democrats, one might ask oneself why.

In any case, his opponent, Lee Zeldin, a veteran and a bone fide Long islander, is a much better choice.