George Demos , the Empty Chair at the Congressional Debate on Long Island



empty chair

George Demos, Long Island’s own empty chair.

Updates at the end of the article

George Demos was scheduled to debate Senator Lee Zeldin at the Southampton Gospel Church this evening. Demos confirmed that he would be at the debate. He told the Reverend he would attend.

The debate was open to the public and was being run by the church – a neutral party. George Demos was a no-show. He let everyone down.

At 1:55 p.m., Demos’ campaign manager sent out this bizarre email:

May 27, 2014

Contact: Kevin Tschirhart

Statement RE: Congressional Debate

Demos Campaign Manager Kevin Tschirhart said, “The debate between George Demos and Lee Zeldin was held Friday May 23, at a neutral, agreed upon location: LI News Radio. The video of the debate is online and can be seen by clicking here. Clearly Zeldin did very poorly and his supporters are attempting to have a do-over. A debate organized, sponsored and moderated by Zeldin supporters is illegitimate. This is a ridiculous proposal and unfortunately looks a lot like the Zeldin campaign.

The debate was not a proposal, it was a scheduled debate.

The location for the second debate is a neutral location, not organized, moderated or sponsored by Senator Zeldin supporters. Unfortunately for Demos, Senator Zeldin has a lot of supporters who show up at his events and Demos does not.

Demos keeps putting out emails stating that he won the last debate by a large margin so you’d think he’d show up for this debate to show off his great skills.

Maybe he didn’t want to answer the questions that would undoubtedly have come up.

For example, Demos was less than truthful in the last debate when he said he paid an $11,000 real estate tax bill in Brookhaven. There is no record of any tax bill in his name or his wife’s name. He rents on Long Island as he does every two years when he runs for office and he does not own a home. During the debate, he said he would get a house when he finds the right one, a very transparent and disingenuous statement. There are two beautiful houses for sale on the block where he is renting but they might not be beautiful enough for the husband of a multimillionaire.

Maybe he didn’t want to talk about the one job he had once. His website boasts, “George Demos has dedicated his career to prosecuting corporate criminals on Wall Street”. Demos likes to brag about his performance as an SEC prosecutor but he never prosecuted one case. In fact, what he did do while he was at the SEC was rat out a whistleblower who was blowing the whistle on the very bank he was investigating. He quietly left that position shortly after the whistleblower incident.

He held some minimal jobs – he says. He supposedly delivered Newsday but there was no Newsday on the Upper East Side where he lived when he was a kid. Maybe he delivered the paper while staying at the family’s summer home in Shelter Island. It’s his only claim to Long Island that we could find and we searched.

He also likes to say he worked summers at the Riverhead office of the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office. He worked one summer at the office.

When he went to Fordham University Law School, he served on the Environmental Law Journal. The Environmental Law Review at Fordham is a climate justice organization. I’d like to hear more about his views on this.

Demos keeps lying publicly, saying Senator Zeldin voted for Obamacare, something he couldn’t possibly have done since the vote was cast in the U.S. Congress. Senator Zeldin was opposed to the New York Obamacare exchange as well but Andrew Cuomo instituted it by Executive Order. Demos points to a Medicaid budget item as his proof. Can you hear the Twilight Zone music?

Demos says Lee Zeldin, a strong Second Amendment supporter, voted for the SAFE Act. It’s the opposite of the truth.

He also likes to say Senator Zeldin raised taxes. In fact, Senator Zeldin was able to rid Long Island of the MTA tax.

Demos never talks about Tim Bishop, the real opponent in the race.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Demos is missing

The man who has never done anything for Long Island, continues to do nothing for Long Island, hasn’t had a job for four years, never paid real estate taxes on Long island, is financially tied to far-left Pelosi-Democrats in California, and who wants to be the congressman from the First District, didn’t bother to show for the debate he confirmed with a Reverend.

George Demos is a typical liberal in Republican clothing. He is shilling for Tim Bishop, the incumbent.

Senator Zeldin is speaking to the attendees this evening and we will post his speech tomorrow.


Update: 05/29/14: George Demos cancelled the debate at the last minute. 

We have contacted Senator Zeldin’s campaign. They are not aware of any effort by George Demos or his campaign to contact them about canceling the debate.



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