George Papadopoulos doubts spy at the center of Russiagate is “most certainly dead”


The Italian media is reporting that Joseph Mifsud, the Maltese professor at the center of  Russiagate, is most certainly dead. However, George Papadopoulos doubts it.

“Lil Joey Mifsud is not sleeping with the fishes,” Papadopolous tweeted. “More to come.”

Mifsud is the man/spy who allegedly helped begin the FBI’s probe into President Donald Trump’s campaign and the now-debunked theory that campaign officials conspired with Russia in the 2016 election.

This entire affair reads like a bad spy novel, only we’re not dealing with James Bond. It’s the Keystone Kops.


A new story out of the Italian news outlet, Il Giornale, written by Italian journalists Roberto Vivaldelli and Mauro Indelicato, suggest that sources within the Agrigento Public Prosecution office, who brought charges on Mifsud in another criminal matter associated with his work at a public university in Italy, believe he is dead, Sara Carter reported.

There are two audio files, allegedly sent by him to the reporters, which they now believe is a fake. Those files are also said to be in the hands of U.S. Attorney John Durham. In those tapes, Mifsud says he targeted George Papadopoulos, said Carter.

Mifsud has been missing since the Spring of 2018.

A blog site named Inside Over translated the article if you want to take a look.

The sources say there’s an “80 percent” chance that Mifsud is no longer alive.


Currently, the prosecutors in Agrigento, Sicily are investigating Mifsud’s alleged misuse of university finances and unexplained expenses, according to Sara Carter.

That could be a good reason to take off and go into hiding.

“Mifsud is under investigation for his management of the university and for some crazy expenses,” Vivaldelli told Ms. Carter. “From the information we have gathered, the Italian prosecutors are convinced that the professor is most likely not alive.”

Vivaldelli said a person sent an audio file to the offices of two Italian newspapers last November 11, “but according to an expert we consulted this audio is fake. I personally think it’s incredible that no one knows where Mifsud is, alive or dead.”

According to Vivaldelli the sources at the Agrigento prosecutor’s office did not divulge details as to why they believe he’s dead.


U.S. Attorney John Durham is investigating this Professor Mifsud, who had been a university president. He befriended George Papadopoulos and told him the Russians obtained Hillary Clinton’s missing emails.

That is the information Mr. Papadopoulos then shared with the Australian Ambassador Alexander Downer, a big Hillary supporter, in a bar.

The bureau claimed that bar conversation is what opened the Crossfire Hurricane investigation into the campaign on July 2016.

The FBI also claimed Mifsud was a Russian spy but he appears to have been spying for the West.

It’s hard to forget that the shady character who runs Fusion GPS, Glenn Simpson, said years back that the situation is serious – people are dying.

In any case, Mifsud is a central character in the Russia-Trump probe and a lot of people might like to see him dead.

Inspector General Mike Horowitz told Sen. Ron Johnson he can’t say whether Mifsud was a Russian spy except behind closed doors.

Mr. Papdopoulos promises more information on his podcast.

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