George Soros Candidate Doug Jones Plans to Transform Alabama, Create a “New South”


Marxist Tim Kaine is out stumping for Doug Jones. Jones is also a close friend of the far-left Uncle Joe Biden. Alabama is a red state that could soon be in the hands of a far-left Democrat. They could see foreigners flooding into the state, education transformed, abortion rights extended, statues torn down, and extreme LGBTQ rights at the expense of others. To say nothing of soft on crime policies if they go down the road of electing Doug Jones and if Jones’ promises come to fruition.

That’s not an exaggeration – it’s Jones’ platform. He is also tied to extremist groups funded by George Soros.

This is the dilemma for Alabamans who are faced with two candidates they might not want. One is accused of sexual assaults of young girls decades ago and the other is a leftist who hopes to transform the state. As the left-wing Boston Globe put it, Jones’ message to Alabamans is to evoke the concept of a “New South” willing to exorcise racist “demons”. That could mean statues going down and hate speech laws.

Maybe Alabamans will vote for Roy Moore anyway and let the Senate expel him if his guilt becomes obvious.

Jones is clever. He isn’t boisterous or touting Moore’s alleged peccadillos. As he says, he’s running a “stealth campaign.” He says this election could become “one of those seminal moments where everything changed.”

He offers a stark contrast with Moore on many issues, as the Globe wrote in an article Thursday. Moore is heavily backed by evangelicals for his socially conservative views. Jones is a supporter of abortion and transgender rights.

“We have to protect them,” Jones said to a Republican operative posing as a supporter at an event in Daphne, Ala., at the Macedonia Baptist Church. Jones went on to say President Trump’s decision to ban transgender service members from the military was: “Just wrong. Wrong. Wrong.”

He suggests he’d work with Donald Trump who won the state by 62% but he is opposed to Trump’s entire agenda, including the tax plan.

While Jones tries to stay away from the popular Trump issues, he is highly critical of CoS John Kelly. He tries to say Kelly’s critical of the south and the Senate needs some Alabama “good sense”. He’s trying to fool the voters, but they know what he is – a leftist socially, politically, in every way.

A website that exists to glorify Doug Jones, which is run by someone names G. Douglas Jones, lists the Soros organizations he is tied to. It is a portal to the Doug Jones candidate website. It urges Jones supporters to “get involved” in “matters of justice and equality” through four Soros-funded organizations that are far-left – Marxist.

The website gets its namesake from the following statement by Jones, brandished on the main page of the site: “It is never too late to just do the right thing, to seek the truth, to seek justice.”

The four Soros-financed groups recommended on the Jones website are:

1. The Constitution Project, which describes itself as seeking to “foster consensus-based solutions to the most difficult constitutional challenges of our time.” Its list of “generous supporters” includes Soros’s Open Society Foundations as well as the Open Society Policy Center.

The Project filed a “friend of the court” legal brief to the Supreme Court on behalf of Salim Ahmed Hamdan, a Yemeni national who admitted to serving as the driver for Osama bin Laden and was declared an illegal enemy combatant by the U.S. government. The Project argued against the process of a military tribunal for Hamdan, who was jailed at Guantanamo Bay from 2002 to November 2008.

2. The Equal Justice Initiative, which says it is “committed to ending mass incarceration and excessive punishment in the United States, to challenging racial and economic injustice, and to protecting basic human rights for the most vulnerable people in American society.”

Besides direct funding from Soros’s foundation, Bryan Stevenson, founder and executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative, serves on the board of the U.S. Programs division of the Open Society Foundations.

The Initiative argues that lynchings carried out in America between 1877 and 1950 helped create the climate today in which, the organization charges, the U.S. criminal justice system is biased against African Americans.

“Lynching reinforced a narrative of racial difference and a legacy of racial inequality that is readily apparent in our criminal justice system today,” the  group claims. “Mass incarceration, racially biased capital punishment, excessive sentencing, disproportionate sentencing of racial minorities and police abuse of people of color reveal problems in American society that were shaped by the terror era.”

3. The Marshal Project, which says that it “seeks to create and sustain a sense of national urgency about the U.S. criminal justice system.”

Soros’s Open Society Foundations is listed as a founding donor.

4. The Brennan Center for Justice, which is a far-left policy institute that says it “focuses on the fundamental issues of democracy and justice.”

Brennan has been the recipient of numerous grants from Soros’s Open Society Foundations totaling over $7,466,000 from 2000 to 2010 alone.

Besides those four Soros-financed groups, the Jones website also directed supporters to two other organizations, the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and the National Association of Former United States Attorneys.

Jones has a long history with the Soros-finnced Brennan Center, the Marshall Project and Equal Justice Initiative.


One example of his leftism is his leading role in an effort by the Brennan Center to grant full voting rights nationwide to felons released from prison, including those convicted of murder, rape and other violent crimes. We really want them deciding our future?

Most felons are Democrats.

Jones spearheaded a Brennan project that sought to fundamentally transform the role of U.S. Attorneys from one of prosecuting criminals to activists that enact a so-called progressive criminal justice agenda. Jones’s project resulted in the  release a 69-page Brennan document titled, “Federal Prosecution for the 21st Century.”

Among other things, Jones’s project called on federal prosecutors to reduce or avoid sentences for drug offenders, make decisions about seeking jail time on individual cases based upon federal incarceration levels and use their pulpits to “spread change” and work with outside “community organizations” to root out the “causes of violence.” The report includes one section encouraging US Attorneys to become social justice warriors and preach in schools.

The Brennan Center played a leading role in helping to craft living wage ordinances (Marxism) and ballot measures for numerous cities and states. That Marxist project began with ACORN.

The Equal Justice Initiative got a killer Ray Hinton off death row and he is now free, walking around.

Jones has been featured discussing the rise of social media hate groups.” He would have no problem with censorship.

He also believes in the right to abort –  kill – babies until the moment of birth.




  1. May God help the people of Alabama….. Doug Jones will be their first step to becoming a liberal downtrodden, crime ridden, Godless, bankrupted hell hole like the many other cities and states where liberal are in power for too long. Who knows, I guess if they’re lucky, Doug will make it a sanctuary state, and take down Alabama even faster.

    • You’re a brain dead mo[edit]er, aren’t ya? And you live off Blue State welfare. We should cut you loose. Your kids’ll go back to shitting in an outhouse.

      • Spank the Loonies you are a completely stupid moron! Republicans pay the taxes in this country. Yes, Red states have a lot of people on welfare thanks to the large percentages of blacks living in Red states. Did you even consider this fact before making such a stupid comment??? If you look at the wealthy voters in Blue states it is amazing at how many are Republicans. We know this from exit polling and even Pew Research found the wealthy taxpayers are much more likely to vote for Republicans in a Red or Blue state!

      • Yes Mary please start the SUV up, we’re going to this dudes house . We are going to shit all over his house, Just like the Indians in India let cows walk into their shit shacks and the cow takes a shant on the carpet.

  2. I looked at Doug Jones and thought, this guy could pass for Tim Kaines retarded brother. Then I see Tim is stumping for him. No shock there.

  3. If the people of Alabama are as stupid as the New York Times and Washington Post believe them to be, than they deserve what they get. Too bad it craps on the rest of us, as well.
    Sadly, the accusation alone- no proof needed, just the accusation- will see 99% of women voting against Moore. Man-Hating has been successfully ingrained in them. That’s a steep hill for Moore to climb.

    • I live in AL, and you live in la-la land. One of the things you people, overlooked is Moore’s reputation in AL. The Soros funded Democrats think that anyone can be smeared and anyone can be bought. Moore has a stellar reputation in AL for being morally upright. Because of that, the mud just didn’t stick to him. Young voters who don’t know the candidates very well might have been deceived. I have not voted for Moore because sometimes I have not agreed with his positions, but his morals have never been questioned.

  4. I can’t see 99% of women being that uninformed and man-hating. I think it is all political. Has Moore had anyone accusing him in the past 5 years? In the past 10 years? In the past 15 years? If not, then it is strange these women didn’t complain 40 years ago. IF…..IF anything happened back then, and they let it go till now, I think they need to just stay letting it go. No way for them to prove anything, or for him to disprove anything, from that long ago. He seems to have been a good Christian man with no accusations in the past 30 years. We need him in DC. Don’t let yourself get led by Soros bribed individuals.

  5. Will never happen, Alabama is Deep Southern State, they are traditional people who care their History, I do hope they will vote for Roy Moore and take over their State from the hands of Communist bastards!

  6. Jones is quite moderate, actually. But the issues he is focusing on aren’t the ones you discussed at all. More and better jobs, improved education, and affordable healthcare are the issues that will improve life for Alabamans. I haven’t heard Moore talk about them
    at all.

    Also, there are many good reasons why victims of sexual assault don’t report their crimes. These children were scared and intimidated. Their stories only came out now (and at all) because Moore’s national campaign brought national attention. That national attention led journalists to ask the right questions, and the women
    simply answered truthfully.

    • Linking to Washington Post tells me all I need to know about you. He is not moderate on any issue and wants an Obama economy.

    • lisabudd it seems that you’ve drank ALL the Kool-Aide. Leese…the autograph in the yearbook has been proven to be a forgery, therefore, that credibility is destroyed. The accusations are a classic technique right out of the DNC (dirty) playbook. Obviously, you can not see the obvious.

      By their own rules, the DNC party members, such as Al Franken, should step down and abdicate office, immediately, especially due to the fact the he basically admitted to the assertions and “seriousness of the charges”. Hmm, who said that? oh yeah, Madam. Hillary. Well now let’s see if Al and his cohorts in the DNC leave office as their transgressions come to light. NEVER HAPPENS. Dang…NPR runs interference for them at the slightest hint of the threat of loosing a political seat. Marxists stoop to any diabolical level to get their way. WAKE UP!

  7. The leftists including Doug Jones are liars intending to destroy this nation. That is the reason they pay people to lie about Roy Moore who is a dedicated Christian. I have known Moore since he was a Judge in Gadsden. He posted the Ten Commandments on the court room wall and has been under attack ever since.

  8. As a citizen from Alabama, I would hope that the rest of the State is as sensible as me and would NEVER vote for Doug Jones. His Political beliefs are evil and would do great harm to this State and its citizens. I will vote for Moore and if the allegations against him are found true and not politically fabricated lies, it will be found out and he can be replaced at that time by another Republican.

    • I’m in NY but if I had your choice, it would be may choice. You’re so lucky to be in a red state. It’s horrible here and getting worse.

  9. In other words he is okay with murdering babies at a time when they are most vulnerable…very sad what a dreadful thing to stand for. I pity him!

  10. Anytime rino’s like McConnell and Ryan are helping the democrats and dumping on a real Christian Patriot like Moore just like they dumped on Trump the people would be wise to vote for Moore for he will help Trump drain the swamp.

  11. anyone seen with Hillary and look so comfortable, it is time to worry and start asking questions about their relationship, they have to be as crooked as Hillary.

  12. He is running a smear Moore campaign in lower Alabama, seems like ever other commercial is one of Jones talking about Moore. As a woman voter in Alabama I will be voting for Moore!

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