George Soros Is Funding a Vicious Campaign Against Companies Working with Trump



Evil billionaire George Soros is funding far-left organizations targeting companies that have been working with President Trump. They are waging an unprecedented and vicious mass lobbying campaign.

George Soros uses his money to undermine our democracy.

His main group engaged in the targeting is The Center for Popular Democracy (CPD), a New York-based nonprofit comprised of members from defunct organizations – ACORN and Make the Road New York. They have 19,000 members, primarily Latino immigrants [illegal aliens].

These groups partner with “name and shame” companies that they say are working with Trump to – they say – benefit from an “anti-immigrant [anti-illegal immigrant], anti-worker” platform, Time magazine first reported.

The campaign is known as “Corporate Backers of Hate,” and it is targeting nine companies: JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Boeing, Disney, IBM, BlackRock, Uber, and Blackstone.

The groups have found the personal email addresses of every CEO and board member of these companies and have launched a “mass lobbying” campaign. Experts told Time that they never heard of these tactics being employed in the past.

That’s because they are the tactics used by thugs in Third World nations. The leaders give the information to their members and then sic them on the companies to terrorize them.

This is so very dangerous. Soros has his hands in everything and he is very unAmerican. He’d rather damage the country than let someone who is not far-left succeed.

Bill O’Reilly said on his podcast Thursday that it “should be the subject of a criminal investigation, because this is threats, these are threats: we are going to ruin you and your business if we disagree with you politically, and will use any means to do it. We’ll tell our people not to buy your product, watch your show, do any of this.”

The Washington Free Beacon has more details.

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