George Soros Is Swinging DA Elections, Gave $1.7 Million in Philly Race


George Soros, who self-describes as a “kind of god”, is remolding our justice system by buying elections.

In a traditional race for district attorney in Philadelphia, the lead candidates no longer hold that place, according to

George Soros has completely altered the equation. He is buying the race. A normally collegial race has turned into a bitter and vicious battle with Soros money providing the hit pieces against the opponents and promoting the Democrat of his choosing.

Untermeyer, a former city and state prosecutor, would have been big news. Finance reports show he loaned his campaign $400,000 in late April, bringing his overall investment since December to $950,000. And Khan, a former city and federal prosecutor who has led in fund-raising from individual donors, reported $435,955 in his campaign account as of April.

That all was overwhelmed by a $1.45 million check, written by billionaire George Soros on April 28 , to fund an independent political action committee backing Larry Krasner.

Soros changed the game. And that realigned the targets.

Soros made a second donation to the Philadelphia Justice & Public Safety PAC, bringing the total amount that he has pushed into the Philadelphia district attorney race to nearly $1.7 million dollars. This is the first time a super PAC has supported a candidate for district attorney in the city, Free Beacon reports.

Beth Grossman, a prosecutor who is the Republican nominee for district attorney in Philadelphia, said it is disturbing that Soros, an outsider who “knows nothing” about public safety issues in the city, is throwing massive amounts of money behind her “far-left” opponent.

Grossman went on to say that the role of the district attorney’s office is to enforce laws and not to conduct a “grand social experiment.”

“So you have that kind of agenda along with George Soros, and suddenly—the role of the DA’s office is not to conduct a grand social experiment, it is to enforce the laws of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania justly and fairly, and to protect the constitutional rights of everybody: victims, witnesses, as well as those accused of crime.”

Grossman added that that she does not want her city to turn into Baltimore or Chicago if her opponent were to be elected.

Soros has flooded district attorney races in a number of states with funds. The deep-pocketed liberal donor has pushed millions into district attorney races in Florida, Illinois, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and New Mexico.

Soros single-handedly funded a super PAC in Ohio last year that supported Democratic prosecutors in the state. The committee refunded Soros the remaining money after the election and then shut down.

He does this in Sheriff’s races, elections for judges, and local officials. The hard-left anti-American former child Nazi apparently believes change starts from the ground up.

He wants to make Philly into Chicago with his idea of what a justice system should look like. This weekend alone, 63 were shot and about 8 were killed in leftist Chicago, gun-controlled Chicago. Soros would have more of it.

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