George Soros Meddled in the Israeli Elections


Breaking Israel News reports that the Central Elections Committee issued an injunction on Sunday against the left-wing NGO Zazim‘s plan to organize and fund the transport of 15,000 Arab voters to polling stations on election day. The committee ruled that the initiative is in violation of Israel’s election laws.

The Zazim organization is an anti-Israel NGO who is funded by the New Israel Fund (NIF), The NIF is backed by billionaire globalist George Soros.

Despite the injunction, Zazim did bus the Arabs, organizing them at a convenience store location.

The Soros group was caught by a right-wing Israeli group but an activist, seen below, Tom Nisani said they were doing it anyway, despite the injunction.

A formal complaint was filed with the Central Elections committee but it is meaningless. The Arab turnout was very high and it looks like Netanyahu is falling behind.

The confrontation with Nisani:

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