George Zimmerman Back in Police Custody

George Zimmerman at Bond Hearing

George Zimmerman, who shot and killed black teen, Trayvon Martin, in February, was arrested in April on second degree murder charges. The case has been made into an issue of racial bias with no apparent evidence of bias except for what we hear from the usual race baiters like MSNBC and Al “Tawana Brawley” Sharpton.

Zimmerman’s guilt or innocence is better left to a jury to decide.

I have posted some information on this site because media outlets, such as NBC, have deliberately doctored videos to make Zimmmerman look guilty. Others blatantly tried the case in the press and figuratively hung him. The New Black Panthers put a bounty on his head without any repercussions for doing so.

On the other hand, Zimmerman was armed and acting in a self-appointed role as a neighborhood watchman when he possibly stalked and then shot and killed the teen. Trayvon Martin was unarmed but there is evidence that he was beating Zimmerman at the time Zimmerman shot him.

The case is more about the politics than the crime. The Martin family has allowed commercial sales of their son’s name on shirts, hats, and assorted other items. Numerous rallies have gone on and continue to go on, all playing on what appears to be a non-existent race issue. Eric Holder is investigating Zimmerman’s case as a “hate crime.”

The articles I read today either referred to George Zimmerman as White or White with a mother from Peru. He has also been called a White-Hispanic or White with Hispanic heritage. Does anyone really believe he can get a fair trial?

Nonetheless, Zimmerman might be his own worst enemy. George Zimmerman’s wife might have lied under oath and he allowed it to happen if true.

George Zimmerman is now in police custody in Florida. His bail was revoked on Friday when the prosecutor accused him and his wife of lying about their finances.

George Zimmerman put up a website (the soon after the shooting to help with his defense. It was common knowledge that Zimmerman raised a good deal of money within days of the website going up. It was on Fox News day-after-day.

This issue was raised with the judge last month but now there is an additional issue regarding Zimmerman’s passport.

In any case, Zimerman’s account holds about $204,000 and the money is now in an account that neither George Zimmerman nor his wife Shelley can access because of the judge’s ruling on Friday.

The accusations made by the prosecution include taped phone conversations in the jail in which George and his wife talked about the money in code. She allegedly put small [small] amounts of money in different accounts.

The prosecutor said that Shelley Zimmerman told the court they were indigent. The defense attorney said they didn’t have access to the money.

According to ABC News, while on the phone with George, Shelley Zimmerman was at a credit union that was linked to his PayPal account and speaking to a teller. The prosecution said that despite being in jail, Zimmerman was “intimately involved in the deposit and transfer of money into various accounts.”

Florida prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda argued that Zimmerman’s wife, Shelley, knew her husband had $135,000 available to him in donations collected via PayPal for a defense fund.

But during his April 20 bail hearing, she intentionally misled the court about the finances, prosecutors said. [That’s really dumb if true.]

“The defendant’s wife lied to this court,” de la Rionda said during Friday’s hearing. “This court was led to believe that they didn’t have a single penny.”

In his statement online Sunday, Zimmerman’s lawyer, Mark O’Mara said “…the vast majority of the funds in question are in an independently managed trust, and neither Mr. Zimmerman or [sic] his attorneys have direct access to the money.”

The defense said in court that neither Zimmerman nor his wife ever used the money for anything, which indicated “there was no deceit.”

The prosecution presented at least four jailhouse phone conversations in which George and Shelly Zimmerman were apparently discussing tiny [TINY] amounts of money. Allegedly $200,000 from supporters had poured into Zimmerman’s PayPal account.

At the time of the jailhouse recordings, Zimmerman had just been recently arrested and charged with second-degree murder.

If accurate, George and his wife have behaved foolishly.

I think the thing that won over the judge in this case was that George Zimmerman apparently requested a new passport, claiming one of his was lost. It sounds like he was going to bolt.I’m not so sure that is a sign of guilt given the fact that there are people out trying to kill him.

The prosecutor claims he has a passport or passports in his possession. I assume Zimmerman has dual citizenship because his non-White mother is from Peru. He might have been applying for a lost passport if he has dual citizenship, but “why” is my question and the judge’s question too no doubt.

In the conversations, prosecutors said, Zimmerman and his wife also cryptically talked about his second passport in a safety deposit box they shared.

Although one of his passports was due to expire in May, prosecutors said during the hearing Friday that Zimmerman applied for a second passport, informing the State Department that the original had been lost or stolen.

Zimmerman will remain locked up without bail until another hearing is held and that could be a while because his lawyer waived the right to a speedy trial.

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