Georgetown University Might Vote in the Nation’s First Reparations Policy


“What is happening right now on Georgetown’s campus is a reflection of a larger political climate, in which, I think, people are taking seriously what anti-racist action looks like.” 

~ Marcia Chatelain, Professor of History and African-American Studies

Georgetown University students are voting Thursday on a proposed student fee that would fund reparations for descendants of slaves once sold by the school, according to CBS NEWS. If it is passed and implemented by Georgetown, it would be the first reparations policy at any major institution in America.

The referendum would add a fee of $27.20 to be paid by every Georgetown undergraduate once a semester. A new board of trustees would allocate those funds to the descendants of the “GU272” — the 272 slaves Georgetown sold in 1838 to boost the university’s finances. There are an estimated 4,000 living descendants of those enslaved people.

Students for GU272, a student group supporting the vote, calls it “an unprecedented opportunity for us to come together and take action and responsibility as a Georgetown community.” Other elite universities — including Harvard and Yale — have confronted their historic ties to slavery, but never before has there been a student-led fund for reparations. The vote is online and ends at 11:59 p.m. on Thursday.

Why do people who have nothing to do with slavery have to pay off descendants who were not enslaved?

It’s not clear how university officials would respond if the referendum passes, CBS reported. The vote is not binding for the administration and the school is not required to follow through. Under the proposal, Georgetown faculty, staff, and graduate students would not be required to pay the fee.

That’s bull. Every Marxist teacher should have to pay.

Hard-left students, including a couple of white kids, came up with this on their own? Could it be the teacher is driving this? It looks like a small insignificant group but the media loves the story and is making a big deal out of it [look at the photo below].



This is very divisive and driven by anti-white bigotry on the part of many. The whole thing is a crock. There is a lot of virtue signaling for the perpetually guilt-ridden who want to pay reparations.

This nonsense began in September 2014 when a Georgetown junior published a column in The Hoya, the student newspaper, with the headline: “Georgetown, Financed by Slave Trading.” That debate led to students demanding atonement. It seems a Jesuit university President saved Georgetown from financial ruin in 1838 by selling 272 enslaved people.

That was 181 years ago. This is ridiculous. The university should shut this down. It sets a precedent for reparations. The leftists have weaponized slavery. No one can make it up to the enslaved people It’s not possible.

I think I’ll sue the Jesuits. There’s this Native-American blood in my family. I am pretty sure the Jesuits caused my ancestors a lot of stress trying to get them to convert. I think I have a case. I’m going after the Brits for reparations too. They stole my great great great grandmother’s farm. There’s a Lord on it now. I want it back. It’s also only been about 180 years.

The Brits were also bigotted against my Dutch relatives and I think I have to sue them for that too.

Here’s the group:

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