Georgia Gov will appoint Mitt Romney’s-Stacey Abrams’ friend to the Senate

Kelly Loeffler with the fake governor of Georgia, far-left Stacey Abrams.

As Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-GA) will soon retire from the U.S. Senate, Gov. Kemp had two primary choices to fill his seat for the remainder of his term: either business executive and country club Republican Kelly Loeffler or House Judiciary Committee ranking member Doug Collins (R-GA).

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp has selected Republican donor and businesswoman Kelly Loeffler to fill the soon-to-be-vacant Senate seat, defying Trump who backed Rep. Doug Collins, according to multiple reports.


Loeffler donated $750,000 during the 2012 presidential election to Romney super PAC Restore Our Future. The financial executive has also donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to former Speaker Ryan’s political campaigns and PACs. She gave nothing to Donald Trump.

A few weeks ago, she gave $100,000 in contributions to Donald Trump, but that was only because her political consultants said, ‘you need to do this.’”

Loeffler has a serious lack of political experience, and concerning ties to Planned Parenthood, and establishment Republicans.

The potential Senate Republican nominee also has strong ties to former Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

The rich RINO Loeffler owns the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) Atlanta Dream team and the team named Abrams as an “aspiring woman” in 2014.

“Stacey Abrams is an integral part of” Loeffler’s basketball “team,” conservative activist Debbie Dooley contended.

The WNBA announced its “Take a Seat, Take a Stand” program, which provides donations to one of six organizations, including Planned Parenthood, for every WNBA ticket purchased.

Loeffler’s team also promoted the program, which favors donations to the abortion provider Planned Parenthood.

She will probably vote for the President’s impeachment too. She’s a new ally for Mitt Romney.

WTH Kemp.



  1. Brian Kemp just lost my support for Governor of the state of GA! Stacy Abrams and Mitt Romney are anti-Republican values and now he send another RINO to the Senate!! Doug Collins would have been great for the country. The governor knows how Abrams will still not concede she lost the governor’s race in 2016!!!!

  2. This is the establishment resist movement at work. It is one more impeachment vote.

    Mitch’s gang is very effective at inserting establishment liberals into the senate. That’s why Kavanaugh barely made it, and obamacare was not defeated. Republicans are quite naive about the negative role Mitch has. Mitch has a key role in covering up the entire coup, by blocking investigations of the coup, allowing investigations of Trump, and inserting awful AGs.

    The current senator should have spoken up on behalf of Collins.

  3. Kemp may get recalled after this stupid move. As I recall, he had difficulty beating “Tank” Abrams in the general. Trump’s endorsement is what got him over the top to beat her. Now he shows his true colors, just like Mittens(Romney).
    Wake up, Georgia, your Governor is selling you out to the leftists. Recall the turncoat.
    Just sayin’.

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