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Kelly Loeffler with the fake governor of Georgia, far-left Stacey Abrams.

by Linda Goudsmit


Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is poised to select Kelly Loeffler to replace Georgia’s retiring Republican Senator Johnny Isakson. Kemp’s choice has provoked vehement opposition from conservative Georgians and the White House. Why is Kemp’s choice so controversial?

For starters, President Trump helped Kemp get elected, and POTUS has made it widely known his preference to fill the senate vacancy is conservative Rep. Doug Collins.

So, who is Kelly Loeffler and why is she controversial?

Businesswoman Kelly Loeffler is the chief executive of Bakkt, a subsidiary of Atlanta-based Intercontinental Exchange Inc (ICE) and co-owner of Georgia’s Women’s National Basketball Association team the Atlanta Dream.  Atlanta News Now reports that Loeffler’s application to Governor Kemp states:

“From working on the family farm to creating jobs and opportunity in the business world, I have been blessed to live the American Dream. I am offering myself to serve hardworking Georgians as a political outsider in the United States Senate to protect that dream for everyone.”

But that’s not all!

Kelly Loeffler is married to  Jeffrey Sprecher the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (NYSE: ICE) and Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange. Jeffrey Sprecher owns the NYSE? Yep!

A December 12, 2013 Reuters article,  ICE completes takeover of NYSE ,  describes  the transaction, ” The deal, which was worth $10.9 billion as of November 1, gives ICE control of Liffe, Europe’s No. 2 derivatives market, as well as the New York Stock Exchange, which has been at the center of American capitalism since it was started in 1792. ”

According to  Wikipedia,  “Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) is an American company that owns exchanges for financial and commodity markets and operates 12 regulated exchanges and marketplaces.

This includes ICE futures exchanges in the United States, Canada, and Europe, the Liffe futures exchanges in Europe, the New York Stock Exchange, equity options exchanges and OTC energy, credit, and equity markets.

ICE also owns and operates 6 central clearing houses: ICE Clear U.S., ICE Clear Europe, ICE Clear Singapore, ICE Clear Credit, ICE Clear Netherlands, and ICE NGX.”

According to  Fortune Magazine, ” In August 2018 Intercontinental Exchange announced it was forming the new company Bakkt, which is intended to leverage Microsoft online servers to manage digital assets.

Bakkt was said to be working with  Boston Consulting Group  (BCG), Microsoft, Starbucks, and others to create a software platform. The Bakkt ecosystem is expected to include federally regulated markets and warehousing along with merchant and consumer applications.

Its first use cases will be for trading and conversion of  Bitcoin  (BTC) versus fiat currencies.  Kelly Loeffler is Bakkt’s CEO. ”

Bakkt, a subsidiary of Sprecher’s Intercontinental Exchange, was valued at $740 million after series A  funding round March 2019. So what is the problem and why does it matter that Loeffler is Bakkt’s CEO?

Kelly Loeffler and Jeffrey Sprecher’s personal wealth is not the problem, their philosophical aspirations regarding globalized trading with a global cryptocurrency like Bitcoin through Bakkt is the problem.

Today’s worldwide clash between globalism and national sovereignty is reflected in American politics. The Leftist/Globalist axis has attacked the America-first agenda of President Donald Trump and repeatedly attempted to unseat him through impeachment or defeat him in the 2020 presidential election.

The unsuccessful coup attempts against President Donald Trump have been coordinated by the deep state through the intelligence community to destabilize and overthrow the president because of his America-first policies.

President Donald J. Trump is the existential enemy of globalism and is unapologetically committed to American freedom and American sovereignty. His presidency is challenged by the Democrat party support for open borders and uncontrolled immigration that facilitates the one-world government envisioned by the globalist political elite.

The difference between global trade and globalism is being intentionally blurred to disguise globalism’s sinister objective of a New World Order of internationalized one-world government.

One of the essential requirements for national sovereignty is a national currency. The United States dollar is our country’s national currency. Globalists Kelly Loeffler and her husband Jeffrey Sprecher support the internationalized cryptocurrency they are promoting with Bakkt where trades will be conducted with Bitcoin instead of fiat currency like the U.S. dollar.

Bitcoin is the world’s first global, digital currency. It s use eliminates the need for central banks or even the nation-state’s government that regulates banks. Bitcoin is the global currency of an internationalized planet. It is the currency of globalism’s New World Order and one-world government.

The fact that Kelly Loeffler is a woman, a business leader, and a registered Republican cannot erase her $750,000 support for globalist RINO Romney in 2012, or the globalist ambitions of the Bitcoin exchange she leads. Kelly Loeffler is a globalist and a dangerous choice for American sovereignty because her Senate vote could theoretically tip the scale against President Trump’s America-first agenda.

Globalists are determined to stack the political deck with senate seats of Romney supporters like Loeffler rather than republicans who support President Trump’s America-first agenda like Georgia Rep. Doug Collins.

So, who is Governor Brian Kemp and why would he choose a globalist like Kelly Loeffler? Georgians want to know – and so do I.


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Tate Spencer
Tate Spencer
2 years ago

This is absolutely insane. In order for Georgia to be a voice in the world economy through vital industries that root our state such as agriculture, you must understand global economic trade and the importance of regulatory finance. Kelly does just that. There is nothing wrong inherently with Doug at all. In fact I like him. It’s just that you have to look at the value proposition here. Kelly will bring a new breadth of innovation to Georgia and enable expansion into new industry. She supports republican values. Not simply Tump values. That is what Georgia needs. Trump unfortunately will not last forever despite how much we like him. Conservative values like the ones Romney, Bush, McCain, and yes even Brian Kemp will. – We grow, create, and educate some of the most incredible products and people in the world. We need someone with an external prospective to actually further enhance growth. Beyond this, she is a woman. What more of a push back to Democrat’s could you want that to place a conservative woman in the very office they are considering running Stacey in next election cycle and voicing she should win because of her sex? She’s an incredible choice. Unfortunately this article is not at all an accurate representation of Georgia’s current political needs. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting prospective.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

This lady has money and deep connections, she must be pushing hard for that job. It’s on her list of goodies.

The resist movement is deep, includes the coup, includes the coverup of the coup, includes republicans.

Mitch and his gang are very effective at keeping real conservatives out of the senate. Placing another establishment person in the senate to be a future RINO, in the midst of this effort to remove Trump, is part of resist.

2 years ago

The fact that this Kelly person is standing with Stacey Abrams is concerning enough. The globalist crowd will stop at nothing to push through their NWO. The destruction of the dollar will be the last straw.