Georgia Teaching Assistant Says “White People May have to Die”


“Fighting white people is a skill” ~ UGA philosophy TA Irami Osei-Frimpong

University of Georgia (UGA) teaching assistant, Irami Osei-Frimpong wrote Wednesday on Facebook that “some white people may have to die for black communities to be made whole in this struggle to advance to freedom.” He added that to suggest otherwise is “ahistorical and dangerously naive.”

Gee, wonder who he votes for. Do you think he might be a Democrat?

Facebook suspended him for a while. He said he was merely quoting from an article which detailed how Texas A&M professor Tommy Curry had said: “in order to be equal, in order to be liberated, some white people may have to die.”

If you go through his Facebook feed, the quote represents his school of thought quite well.

“Killing some white people isn’t genocide; it’s killing some white people,” the UGA TA explained in a Medium post. “We had to kill some white people to get out of slavery. Maybe if we’d killed more during the 20th century we still wouldn’t talk about racialized voter disenfranchisement and housing, education, and employment discrimination. This should not be controversial.”

The people he quotes are expressing his ideas. Frimpong quoted American clinical psychologist Bobby Wright, saying, “Blacks kill Blacks because they have never been trained to kill Whites.”

He must be quite a teacher, don’t you think?


Did you know white people are coddled?

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He’s far-left of course.

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