Geraldo, Hannity, Bongino Shouting Match & the US Victims Worth $1


Geraldo Rivera, Sean Hannity, and former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino got into a HUGE shouting match on ‘Hannity’ last evening over the border crisis.

Hannity opened the segment slamming Chuck and Nancy joking about the crisis at the border and the deaths of American citizens.

“Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer can’t show up for a meeting with the vice president?” Hannity asked. “They think it’s funny to offer $1 for the wall?”

At one point, Hannity said, “Tell your friends Nancy and Chuckie to get their a$$es out of bed and show up!”

When Hannity addressed Geraldo, the left-wing commentator did what he always does — made excuses for illegal immigration.

Hannity then tore into open borders, Geraldo — wouldn’t let him speak.

“How many people have to die?” Hannity asked. “It’s about saving lives! That’s not political — that’s life and death. That’s what the [national] emergency is about.”

Illegal alien apologist Geraldo doesn’t care about the slain Americans when it comes to illegal immigration.

The left-wing host, who calls himself Fox’s piñata, falsely claimed, “These people commit fewer crimes than US citizens commit. They make things safer and not more dangerous, according to the statistics.”

That is not true, but it is a popular talking point among the open borders’ crowd.

Watch the video. It clearly defines the two different perspectives:


If the left really cared about migrants and their children as they say, they would discourage the dangerous journey where so many take ill, get raped, and some die. Instead, they joke about paying a dollar for the wall. Think about that! Just think about her callousness on behalf of people coming here illegally.


The RNC released a video about the victims, the ones the Democrats don’t care about.

Tell the victims of illegal alien crime that it’s safer here because of people who don’t belong here in the first place:
Officer Ronil Singh’s wife and brother
Tell it to Pierce Corcoran, oh, wait, you can’t, he’s dead.
Kate Steinle
Tim Cruz murdered by an illegal alien

Democrats actually call Angel Moms a hate group. It is an organization of people who lost loved ones to illegal alien crime. Many are naturalized citizens.


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