Geraldo Wants to Wap the Rotten Snitch [fake Whistleblower]


On Fox & Friends this morning, Geraldo got himself in trouble with the left. People say he was brainwashed by Sean Hannity. Geraldo was discussing the whistleblower who isn’t really a whistleblower, but rather a gossip who overheard allegations from some people that he felt needed to be put into the form of a written complaint.

Referencing the complaint by the fake whistleblower, Geraldo said, “This is gonna be what the impeachment is all about, maybe one or two little other things fall in,” Rivera said. “So it’s going to be the president of the United States in a conversation that was intercepted by a rotten snitch, I’d love to wap [throw roughly] him, but that’s another story.”

Rivera also lamented the treatment of Trump, complaining the “poor president” was beset by “snitches and rats.”

“Imagine this poor president, his whole tenure in office has been marked by snitches, and rats, and backstabbers, and it’s amazing how he functions at all,” he said.

He also said a group like Media Matters is behind the Ukraine whistleblower complaint.

He could be correct with that last comment.

A report by a Soros-funded group was cited in a footnote by the fake whistleblower in his complaint. The group is OCCRP, the Organized Crime and Reporting Project. It refers to two associates of Rudy Giuliani’s traveling to Ukraine and meeting with officials.

The report was conducted by the group in conjunction with BuzzFeed News. BuzzFeed, of course, is the publisher of the fake dossier.

The claim is that Rudy Giuliani is trying to use connections to have Ukraine investigate Trump’s political rivals.

Nancy Pelosi, for her part and without evidence, is back to blaming Russia. It’s Russia!

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4 years ago

even a blind squirrel occasionally finds a nut….and today that blind squirrel is Geraldo…. and the nut is the truth behind this fake gobble wallah blower event.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

They have nothing just hatred towards Trump, his supporters, his policies.