German Authorities Had OnlineMagazine Taken Down from Social Media for Telling the Truth


OnlinMagazin has been taken down from social media at the insistence of the German authorities, not because they preach hate but because they tell the truth, the unadulterated truth.

This is what left-wing censorship looks like.

The magazine still has some of its videos on YouTube but the Germans have convinced Twitter and Facebook to take their videos and comments down. All this outlet did was post factual videos with little commentary. It was a great source of information.

It’s no longer on Facebook either.

The people running it did a lot of interviews and videos of radical Islamists in Europe.

One video that we had up was of an Islamist beating his wife in front of their child. Another was of rampaging Turks in The Netherlands. Still another shows police in Paris running from raging Islamists. There was one on a plane heading for the UK with passengers cheering the removal of a rowdy woman screaming Allahu Akbar.

They had tapes from Iran no one sees. For instance, one we posted celebrated the 38th anniversary of their vile revolution with abusive chants against President Trump and the obligatory “Death to America” cries.

One of the videos on their Twitter page had an interview with a U.S. Marine who had to be evacuated from Iraq. Fortunately others downloaded some variation of it so we have it here. It will give you a good idea of what Germans are censoring these days. It’s important for you to know because our leftists will do the same to us if they can. We were one election away from it happening.

Germany’s crackdown on the truth is spilling into the United States. During the Senate Intel hearing, one so-called expert said, “Wouldn’t it be great if all MSM would collectively boycott Wikileaks?” He wants a Consumer reports style group to warn us of Fake News. The  guardians of the news would be Snopes [source: reddit and confirmed].


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